TummyTub is an easy, stress free and safe way to bath and settle your baby. TummyTub is endorsed by medical professionals as the best way to bath your baby. The popularity of the TummyTub has been growing worldwide, with TummyTubs being used in homes, neo-natal units, maternity wards, nurseries and children’s hospitals for more than 10 years.

The original TummyTub uses only 5 litres of water on average, approx. 10 litres less than conventional baby baths. Therefore, the original TummyTub saves water and energy! It is easy to carry and kinder to your back (5 litres water weighs almost 5 Kg). After bathtime you can easily carry the TummyTub outside and water your garden or lawn no waste of water!

Why use the TummyTub ?
For nine months your baby feels safe, comfortable and secure in the womb. After birth everything changes for your baby, who suddenly experiences bright lights, new sights and sounds, hunger, gravity and an ever-changing world.

The TummyTub has been developed in co-operation with physicians, midwives and nursery nurses, to ease the transition from the secure environment of the womb to the new world. The unique womb shape helps your baby to relax, and become calm in the familiar foetal position.

Is the TummyTub suitable for bathing newborn babies?
Yes, the original The TummyTub is uniquely designed to make your newborn baby feel secure when bathing. Like in the womb, your baby can still move freely while feeling safe and protected. The original TummyTub is highly recommended for premature babies.

Is the TummyTub too small?
No, babies enjoy the feeling of security provided by the unique design.

Does the TummyTub help with sleeping problems?
Yes, a warm and relaxing bath is always soothing. Simply fill the TummyTub to the water level mark with warm water (35ºC-37, and within minutes of entering the bath your baby will begin to relax. The TummyTub’s special design means the water will retain a comfortable temperature for approx. 20 mins. Ensure the water covers your baby’s shoulders.

Does the TummyTub help with wind/colic?
Yes, preferably you should first massage your baby’s tummy with some oil in a clockwise direction. Then give your baby a relaxing bath in theTummyTub.

Why can’t I use a household bucket?
A household bucket is not designed to bath a baby like the TummyTub. The TummyTub has extra features to comfort and safely bath your baby. The TummyTub has an anti-skid base, and is especially curved to support your baby. babies discover their new world by touching with their hands and tasting with their mouth. As a normal bucket is not meant for bathing babies, the pigments in the plastic bucket may contain dangerous, toxic elements. Only the original TummyTub meets the most stringent product, environmental and safety regulations (ASTM, BSI and TÃœV).

How do I clean the TummyTub ?
Very easily, with a mild detergent. This will also remove any remains of bath oil from the wall of the tub. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Where can I use the TummyTub ? You can use it almost anywhere because it is so lightweight, compact and portable. At home you can use it on a table, on the floor, even in the sink! You can take it with you on holidays. Best of all, the TummyTub means no stressful changes for your baby at bath time. It’s great when you are away for the weekend, at granny’s, at the beach, camping or on your boat.

How do I hold my baby ?
The rounded shape of the TummyTub helps to support your baby. You only need to support your baby’s head under the chin. The advantage is that you always have one free hand to wash and comfort your baby.

How much water should I use ?
The water level mark on the TummyTub is a guide to assist you in filling the TummyTub. As all babies are different weights and sizes you may need to adjust the water level. In the first 12 weeks always ensure your baby’s shoulders are covered with warm water. Do not overfill the TummyTub. Remember you can always add more water if needed.

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