Tristan’s Birth Story – Born at 34+3 weeks

At approx 6:30pm on the 18th June 2009 i went into Spontaneous Labour. At first I thought they were just BH’s and finished my dinner and went for a shower. At 7:30-8ish the pains started coming closer and more intense I rang my mum to take me to Northam Hospital (Brendan was asleep and Nigel had been drinking).  Upon arrival they did a Fetal Fibronecten which came back +ve, they then did an internal which is when they discovered I was 3cms dilated and fully effaced.

An ambulance was called and we were off to KEMH. Arrived at KEMH MFAU by approx 11pm. Contractions were roughly 2-3 mins and lasting approx 30sec. At approx 1:30am I was transferred to the delivery ward where I was given an internal… still 3cms and fully effaced, but membranes were bulging.

I had a shower which helped ease some of the pain, but once out they started coming a lot faster and harder. I was given the gas and another internal (was approx 5am) I was 6-7cms and membranes were well and truly bulging. By 6-6:30 I had in the epidural so I could get some rest. BUT it didn’t work, well it did, but I could still feel some pain and the contractions… which is a good thing in my eyes now. At approx 7:30-8:30am my hind waters ruptured and I also had my show.

Approx 9am as the contractions got worse so did the pain, the epidural stopped working, even with top-ups from the high dose pain relief. I was given an internal when they ruptured my membranes. By 9:40ish I was ready to push…

It took a good 8-10 contractions to push bubble out and man it hurt, but once over it felt so good to know that I did it virtually pain-relief free.

Tristan was born at 10:04am and placed on my chest as soon as his cord was cut. I wasn’t able to hold him long as he was a little floppy and seemed to be struggling.

He did let out a tiny little cry which was the most beautiful noise I had ever heard. He was then ventilated and stabilised. He left the labour suite at approx 10:45 am and went straight to the NICU.

I’m really proud of myself, for going through the most painful part without the drugs (not that I had much choice) Tristan weighed in at 3090grams HC 33cms and L 50cms. His Apgars were 6:6:8.

Official Labour times
Stage one: 7 hours
Stage two: 34 mins
Stage three: 7 mins

Admitted into SCN 3 (NICU)
Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Ventilated –
CPAP – until 6:15pm
Incubator at 6:30pm
One dose of Caffeine
One dose of Survanta

Day 2 – 20/06/09
Weight – 3080 grams

Feeds starting today
Newborn Hearing Test to be done as soon as he moves into SCN 2.
Moved into SCN 2 (Special Care) at 2:30pm
First nappy change
First cuddle
First Breastfeed attempt
All at approx 3pm

Day 3 – 21/06/09
weight – 2970 grams

Moved from the isolette and into an open cot at 10am

Day 4 – 22/06/09

IV removed at 1am.
Last tube feed 1am.
Pulled NGT out, not replaced.
7:30am Transferred to Satellite Nursery.
Feeds upped to 50ml every 3 hours.
Transferred into a wire cot at 3pm
First bath at 4pm

Day 5 – 23/06/09
W 2920 grams

No transfer today
Monitor for another 24 hours
Ringing Northam to try and arrange transfer
Phototherapy commenced at 10am

Day 6 – 24/06/09

Monitor off this morning
Phototherapy stopped at 9:30am
No transfer today, bloods tomorrow

Day 7 – 25/06/09

Transferred to Northam Regional Hospital for rooming in.

Day 8 – 26/06/09
Jaundice levels checked again.

Day 9 – 27/06/09
W – 3000 grams
HC – 33 cms

Discharged home!

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