The NICU Rollercoaster

For Nicole and her husband, Edward, a seemingly healthy pregnancy took an unexpected turn and resulted in the birth of two profoundly, premature babies. Like so many parents of preemies, she and her husband were suddenly thrust into the unfamiliar, terrifying world of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The first time they saw their babies, they looked miniscule next to the tangle of life-sustaining tubes and beeping machines. Would their babies survive? This couple quickly learned the meaning of the “NICU rollercoaster.” The ups and downs were constant and agonizing. The 160 days between July 7, 2006 and December 14, 2006 were the most emotionally trying times of their lives. This is the only book of its kind with advice on how NICU parents can best use this wonderful tool to both keep family and friends updated, and to receive much needed love and support.

Nicole and Ed will explain common problems preemies face, offer suggestions for coping, and share their experiences. The innovative format combines helpful “how to survive” advice with blog entries and blog reader comments. Readers will get advice on how to start their own blog to help cope with what may be the most trying experiences of their lives.