The BUbBE Book

Your child’s premature entry into this world is probably not all you dreamed it would be and at a time in your lives when you expected complete happiness, you may instead have feelings of fear, helplessness and anxiety. Although it may not seem like it now, you are not alone in this experience.

The BubBE Book has been created to be a guiding hand along the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) journey. It is essentially a ‘baby book’ for the premature child and their parents, in which all of the unique experiences that come with being born, or having a child, prematurely can be recorded. There are over 100 pages on which to record:

* How the pregnancy proceeded;
* Mum’s time in the hospital prior to your child’s birth;
* How, when, where and why your baby entered the world early;
* Your child’s vital statistics;
* How you both felt when s/he arrived;
* Family details;
* Milestone moments;
* Medical information;
* A day-to-day journal of your time in the NICU;
* Details of the day you finally get to take your baby home;
* Important contact details of organisations and newfound friends from the NICU;
* Messages from the doctors, nurses and other parents in the NICU.

In addition there are pages on which to include mementos from your childs journey, such as a first photo and hand and foot prints and all of the information found on the Bub Born Early website including tips for surviving the NICU journey; lists of premature baby support, clothing and nappy websites; a glossary of the terms used in the NICU and an account of the authors own journey after having her baby during her 23rd week of pregnancy. A page has also been added in which to record the names of those little angels who don’t make it home however this, and any other pages not required, can be easily removed. The covers come in three colours: Opaque White with Purple Print; Translucent Raspberry with White Print and Translucent Blueberry with White Print.

The BubBE Book also has GREEN credentials!! It was printed by The Environmental Printing Company on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and is stored in 100% recyclable polypropylene binders from Albox. The health of our children is intrinsically related to the health of our planet…so it’s important that we take care of both!!

Every baby is precious, but having a premature baby makes you realise just how tenuous our grip on life can be. Enjoy every minute, cherish every touch and record every moment spent together in The BubBE Book, a lifelong reminder of an extraordinary time.

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