Premmies Starting School

James is soon to embark on the journey and will be entering the big wide world of school for the first time. His mum shares a little insight into the journey so far, his excitement about starting school whilst proudly dressed in his new uniform to show us how handsome he looks!

Name: James  James in school uniform
Gestation Born: 35 weeks
Birth Weight: 2780 grams
Age Now: 5 years old
State: NSW

How do you think as a parent, you will feel watching your child starting primary school on their first day? Nervous, worried and excited!

Was your child deferred from starting primary school? He technically could have gone this year as he was born 5 days before the cutoff, but we decided to wait as we didn’t feel he was ready.

How do you think they will transition into primary school? He is a little shy and nervous but very excited!

Did your child have any transition days with their new school prior to starting in 2013? Yes he went for 5 x Wednesdays in a row from 9-10:30am.

Have there been any areas of concern prior to starting school regarding their education or learning skills? Separation anxiety.

Is your child excited about starting primary school? Yes, very excited!

Have they tried on their uniform yet? Yes, as soon as we got home from the shop.

What have they achieved that you are most proud of so far? He played his first season of soccer and developed so much confidence. He even scored a goal!

Does your child have special needs? If so, explain about their needs & what support has been provided. No

Do you have any tips on how to support your child prior to starting primary school? Be supportive, encouraging, reassuring and make sure that he feels safe and comfortable.


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