Premature Baby Support Network

Without support parents would struggle with the journey of bringing their precious children into the world. Parents of premature babies need a little extra support to talk to other families about the experiences our children face after their early births. Below are a list of support groups & charities who support families after their child’s early arrival and also offer families a shoulder to cry on when their family have suffered the loss of a precious angel.

(click on the links to read about the support they provide)


National Premmie Foundation
Preterm Infants’ Parents’ Association
Yasminah’s Gift of Hope
Loddon Mallee Kids
Life’s Little Treasures Foundation
Our Lil’ Fighters
Walk With Wings
Premmie Promise Foundation
Tiny Sparks WA
Pillars of Strength
Ready Step Grow
Preemie Help
Pregnancy Loss Australia
Parents Who Have Been There
I Give A Buck
Support for Mums
Miracle Babies Foundation
Australian Multiple Birth
Australian Breastfeeding Association
Australia Action on Pre-Eclampsia
Australian Neonatal College
Beyond Blue
Victorian Infant Study
KeepEmCookin (US)
St Kilda Mums
Heartfelt Homes
Angel Gowns For Australian Babies
Angel Gown Program
Autism Spectrum Australia
SPD Australia
McDonald House Charities


If you have a premmie support group that you would like added to this list, please email with the groups name, details and logo.