Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards

Who is YOUR

Premmie Hero?

Who in premmie community inspires you?


Our Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards were first launched in 2009 as a way to pay tribute and thank the amazing Australian’s who volunteer their time in the premmie community. We have since awarded fifteen incredible volunteers over this time and many of them continue to make a difference to this day.

This year, our awards are changing! We have no judges, no prizes and no terms and conditions. We want YOU to award and celebrate your own ‘premmie hero’. You may want to award a family member, a friend, a NICU nurse, a doctor, a charity worker or a selfless volunteer. The list is endless…..

Our awards are open from the 1st July until the 31st August 2016.

How do you award your own premmie hero? 

Present your premmie hero with one of our unique medals or a hero certificate.

Take a photo with your hero (if in the same state) or if your hero lives interstate, ask them to take a photo with their medal or certificate. Share the image on social media and let the world know why they are your ‘premmie hero’!

Be sure to tag our charity on social media so we can share your hero with our community.

Where you can connect with us

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Use hashtags #lilaussieprems #premmiehero #premmieaward

Kindness from the smallest of gestures can make a significant difference to a family; this is why our awards are so important because it happens everyday throughout Australia.

If you know someone special who deserves to be recognised, present them with one of our unique medals or a hero certificate today!


Our previous award winners

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