Premmie Hero Volunteer Award Winners 2013

In July 2013, nominations opened to find Australia’s “Premmie Heroes”, the ordinary yet extraordinary individuals who volunteer their time in the premmie community supporting families who have given birth prematurely.

Our awards are an Australian first and the only award which recognises and celebrates the dedication of individual volunteers within the premature birth community and was officially launched in 2009.

We are pleased to announce and congratulate the three recipients of this years awards as chosen by our judges in 2013;

                     Eileen Cooke – Winnerhandsup6 handsup62                      Rebecca Aziz – 1st Runner Up
Katia De Santis – 2nd Runner Up

You can read each of the winners stories below.


Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards 1st Runner Up

Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards 2nd Runner Up



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