Premmie Baby News – December 2010



Welcome to the L’il Aussie Prems December 2010 Newsletter.

What an amazing year we have all had! So many of our precious prems have grown up & will be starting their first day of school or pre-school in 2011 & so many more have reached many new milestones, all of which are celebrated!

It has been a big year for L’il Aussie Prems with us reaching a huge milestone of 1,500 registered members on the forum. We have many new introduction posts so if you haven’t introduced yourself don’t forget to pop in and say hello. The forum is such a wonderful community for families not only of premature babies but also for toddlers & school aged children. All our babies do grow up so it is wonderful to see so much support not only towards new families of prems but also to the many who are moving forward in leaps & bounds. Quite a few of our ex prems have been diagnosed with special needs and attend therapy services monthly and even weekly. The forum has become an amazing support for the many families on this path & many of us understand the daily struggles. Please feel free to ask questions &/or share advice with us. We all support each other!

We would like to offer congratulations to our members and their children who celebrate their birthday in December. Israel (FT), Indiana (28wks), Emmanuel (35wks), Kitti, Tiarna (FT), Jess, Shirin, Emileka (27wks), Kane (FT), William (30wks), Hudson (30w), Charlotte (32wks), Bailey (FT), Kelly, Lillie-Grace (FT), Grant, Mia (36wks), Evan (32wks), Peta, Korbyn (28wks), Michele, Izabella (31wks), Mark and everyone else celebrating their birthday this month, happy birthday! If you or your child’s birthday is not included but should be please reply to our birthday thread on the forum so we don’t miss it next year! The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age are offering a 25% discount for our members who wish to place a birth announcement in their newspapers. Click here for further details.

Congratulations to all the families who have recently given birth and those mummies who are currently pregnant. We wish you a long and healthy pregnancy! This year we have sent 100s of birth announcement cards. In the new year we will have a professional design created which families can place in a scrap book or keep as a momento.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that 2011 is the best year yet!! We thank ALL our amazing sponsors, businesses who have supported us & especially all the premmie families for their ongoing support throughout the year.

Warmest Wishes,

LAP Team



Facebook Page Update

Our original Facebook page was sadly deleted earlier this month so we have lost our 2,000 fans, years of posts & photos submitted by families. Our page was a great place to ask questions and seek advice from other prem families so we are sad that it was deleted by a hacker. We would LOVE your help to find our 2,000 loyal fans again by sharing the link to our new page and also joining us again!

You can join our new page HERE.



Premmie of the Month – December

Name: Maxx John

Where was Maxx born? King Edward Memorial Hospital

What was his gestation? 25 weeks

What was his birth weight? 920 grams

How old is he now? 11months

What do you remember most about his time in hospital? How scary it was when he got NEC and preforated his bowel 🙁

Does Maxx have any ongoing health issues? Failure to Thrive and Chronic Lung Disease

What has been your proudest moment since Maxx came home? How well he has slotted into our house…and loves his 6 brothers and sisters.



Premmie on Board ~ Car Signs

Purchase your very own unique “prem on board” car sign for your premature baby. Available through the L’il Aussie Prems website our newly designed car signs are a fantastic way to let other drivers know that you have precious cargo onboard.

Place on any glass surface

122mm x 122mm in size

Ideal for car windows

Low-tack adhesive – easy to apply and reposition

We have two styles available

Price: $6.00 + postage


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