Premmie Support Forum

Our forum is a supportive and relaxed community for families of premature babies & children reaching parents from not only Australia but also worldwide. We have many areas  specific to premature birth and also toddlers, school aged & children with special needs. The forum boasts over 358,000 post on a range of topics and over 3,000 registered users.

You can be sure to find many answers to questions you have about the prem journey, if not we encourage you to join as there are many families who would like to offer you a sympathetic shoulder.

We look forward to you sharing your prems journey with us.






We are pleased to provide a forum for sharing, and remind everyone that the viewpoints, opinions and actions expressed here are those of the individuals themselves, and may not reflect L’il Aussie Prems policies or positions. Information on this site does not take the place of guidance from your health care provider. Always verify information with your health care provider before taking action.