Is My Premature Baby Ready To Come Home?

It’s a very exciting day when you find out that your baby is ready to go home. It is very normal to feel scared, unsure, worried about your premature baby going home, especially if they have been on oxygen for a long time, have had severe apnoea episodes, requires oxygen & apnoea monitoring at home but rest assured, your baby would not be allowed for release if there were any major complications. Your baby will not be able to leave until they meet the 5 criteria necessary for release from the hospital.

In order for a premmie to be released, they must be:

1. Able to keep their body temperature stable in an open crib

2. Free of any apnoeas (pauses in breathing)

3. Their vitals are stable

4. Gaining weight steadily

5. Sucking breast or bottle without breathing difficulties (some babies have been known go home with a galvage tube)

Note: Some nurseries send infants home on apnoea monitors if they’re having short self-limited apnoeas (no color change or severe bradycardias and not needing stimulation to breathe again) & some babies do go home on oxygen. If you are worried about coping at home or need more time to get comfortable about your child’s care please contact either your family resource nurse, >doctor, or the nursery.


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