The preemie guide to: Preemie DEVELOPMENT


A quick and comprehensive guide to understand all that is happening when you are faced with preterm birth and premature babies.

Packed with easy to read and understand. ‘The preemie guide’ is a must for any new parent.

The Complete Preemie Guide to: Preemie Development” Is a landmark preterm book. Parents are already saying that the book has given them critical information that has changed the way they will look to grow with their preterm baby.

Preterm babies are different in many ways. “Preemie Development” will help teach you the impact of these differences to empower you to be the best preemie parent you could possibly be.
It’s all EXPERT information!

Co-Founder of Dr. Carly Molloy has collated an extensive volume of information relevant to preterm birth, from the contributions of 20+ specialist preterm experts into one easy to follow resource for preemie parents in the NICU.

The work of understanding the research and what it means has been done for you. The most important information has been put into these easy-to-read guides so that you don’t have to look through 1000’s of seperate pieces of information from all over the internet. So whether you have a preterm baby or preterm child… all the answers are here!

With 2 great titles on preterm babies you have the best foot forward in helping your preterm baby have their best shot at a happy and fulfilling life.

Packed with over 250 pages of vital information for you and your preterm baby you will always have the answers to even the most difficult questions.

  • Quick tips from other preemie parents
  • Facts about Preemies & the NICU
  • NOW OVER!! 250+ pages of must know preemie content
  • Valuable insights from preemie parents
  • Tips from Leading preterm experts
  • Easy to understand language
  • Key topics for Surviving the NICU
  • Quick and easy NICU checklists
  • Tools to monitor yours and preemie’s progress
  • Packed with much more…

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Dr Carly Molly resides in Melbourne, Victoria.