This event has now passed. Please view the event photos below of our wonderful evening.

P.E.A.R.L. is the L’il Aussie Prems Foundation’s
“Premmie Evening of Awareness, Recognition and Life” event.

Held in November, this social evening has been placed upon the L’il Aussie Prems Foundation (LAPF) calendar to ensure there is a personal opportunity for the LAPF community to come together, face to face, in addition to the online avenue utilised throughout the year.

The evening gives our committee and supporters a chance to share moments, extend further support, catch up with old friends or make new friends while paying homage to our world of prems, their families and support groups.

We see this night as one for the parents, professionals and supporters of all our babes, giving them some time to themselves… as we all know that due to the time and energy required to nurture our precious babes, such evenings come rarely.

Why P.E.A.R.L?

Just as a precious baby grows within its mother, so too does the precious pearl.  Both are beautiful while delicate, yet surprisingly strong, and are heavily desired amongst those who await their arrival.

Pearls are considered a valuable gem, highly treasured and seen as objects of beauty… and this is the way the L’il Aussie Prems Foundation view all of the prematurely born babies within its extended family… a precious gem worthy of love, care and protection irrespective of its size, shape or gestation.

Why liken our babes to pearls? Put simply, while not widely known,  there is a parallel to the beauty and uniqueness between our prems and pearls… as just like our premmie babes “a cultured pearl” occurs both naturally and with human intervention… nature and nurture coming together.

Join Us…

This event allowed us to celebrate our special night while recognising one of the most important events in our premmie calendar and thus bringing further awareness to this cause.

Join us on our Premmie Evening as we acknowledge all the hard work taken place and sleepless nights endured throughout the year in special care nurseries and homes, by parents, doctors, nurses and specialists in giving our prems the best start they can possibly get. We will also note our Awareness events for the year, Recognise your child’s fight for Life and share the wonderful achievements throughout the LAPF year as well.

A hosted event will see you entertained while our guest speaker will enlighten, educate and confirm thoughts and feelings evoked as a special person in your premmie’s world. Most of all, we will take the opportunity to liaise and relax on a personal level (even if for just a few hours) with a wonderful cocktail menu in charming surroundings with great company.

Come join us, have a night off, we are looking forward to seeing you there…

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