Olivia’s Birth Story ~ Born at 25 Weeks

Olivia was born via emergency caesarean 15 weeks premature (25+2 weeks) on 26th July 2012 due to severe preeclampsia which began when she was just 20 weeks gestational age. Thanks to the doctors we managed to manage the situation for 5 more weeks. IMG_0201

When born she weighed a tiny 550 grams and was 29 cm long. She spent the next 140 days in the Neonatal Critical Care unit and the Special Care Unit at the Mater Mothers Hospital Brisbane.

At birth, Olivia was given a 50% chance of survival. It was the biggest roller coast of emotions; each day could have potentially been the last for our little girl. We had our first cuddle at the end of the first week but then Olivia so fragile went downhill so next cuddle was 1 month later.


Olivia recieve 3 lots of steriods over the course of 3 months. She became very ill due to infections a number of times including contracting CMV.

She recently celebrated her 1st Birthday and no longer needs oxygen or a feeding tube. We still have to attend ongoing appointments with at the Respiratory clinic, Physio, Feeding and Eye clinics. But the future is now looking so much brighter for all of us.

The photos attached are from when she was born, her first birthday and fathers day last year.

Miracles can happen even when it looks so bleak.


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