Notice of AGM

2016 Annual General Meeting

L’il Aussie Prems Foundation Inc. will be holding its 2016 Annual General Meeting.

The meeting will be held on;

Venue: via Skype
Date: Sunday, 25th September 2016
Time: 8.30pm (AEST) | 6.30pm (WA) | 8.00pm (SA) | 8.00pm (NT)

If you wish to attend, you must contact Tim, our Secretary and provide your Skype details, 7 days prior to the meeting date. Please email

Please advise at your earliest convenience, or at a minimum no later than 7 days prior to the AGM confirmation of your attendance.


The ordinary business of the AGM will include;

(a) to confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting; and

(b) to receive from the committee, reports upon the transactions of LAPF during 2015/2016

(c)  to receive and consider the financial statements of LAPF for the period 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016.

(d) to elect members of the LAPF Management Committee; and

(e) to conduct any special business of which notice has been given prior to the AGM

Please click on the image to download the 2016 AGM Agenda.


Appointing the new committee

Below is a list of the management committee positions which will be declared vacant at the AGM. Please find a downloadable nomination form below if you wish to fill a vacancy on the Management Committee. We have also included a Proxy Form. Please note that the proxy form is only necessary as a member, when you are unable to attend and you wish to vote at the meeting.

All Committee positions are volunteer based and declared vacant and open for nomination. Click on each position to read the role descriptions (.pdf).

Management Committee Positions
(required to attend monthly committee meetings)

President (1 position)
Vice President (1 position)
Secretary (1 position)
Treasurer (1 position)
Community Liaison (1 position)
Sponsorship Manager
(1 position)
Fundraising Managers (2 positions)
Marketing & Media Manager (1 position)
Social Media Manager (1 position)
Design Support (1 position)
General Member (2 positions)

Volunteer Positions (non management)
(not required to attend monthly committee meetings)

Website Support (1 position)
L’il Appers Program Liaison (1 position)

Only members of the association are eligible to vote at the meeting and be appointed a position on the committee of management. Visit our membership page to register.


Prior to the Meeting

All members of the Association are eligible to nominate for positions on the Management Committee. Nominations are to be made in writing, signed by either one (1) member of the association or self nominations will be accepted. The nomination is to be forwarded to our Secretary, Tim Jasson at PO Box 5548, Studfield VIC 3152 or via email to no later than 7 days prior to the AGM.

If you wish to nominate for a position but are unable to attend the AGM, please fill out the nomination form and advise our Secretary  when forwarding a signed copy. We will inform you of the outcome of your nomination after the meeting.

nomm   prox

AGM Nomination Form (.pdf)

Appointment of Proxy (.pdf)

Any special business items any member wishes to have discussed at the AGM should also be sent to the Secretary. For the issues to appear on the AGM Agenda they should also be received no later than 7 days prior to the AGM.