Nominee: Butts on bikes steers towards support for Flinder’s tiny prems

Kylie has been nominated for our 2014 Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards.

Premmie Hero Volunteer Award Nominee

Premmie Hero Volunteer Award Nominee

Kylie has been devoted to supporting premmie families in South Australia for the past 13 years after the early arrival of her nephew who was born 11 weeks early.

Kylie saw the emotional impact families are faced with having seen the NICU through her own eyes as a family member and has vivid memories of comforting her sister through the NICU journey.

Having saved the life of her nephew, Kylie has been on a mission to support the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit in South Australia by fundraising to purchase equipment and lovingly hand sews an endless supply of premmie gowns, premmie nests and quilts for cots to help keep each of the neonates snug and warm. Often the donated gowns are the first piece of clothing babies will wear in a unit and become a treasured keepsake, reminding parents how small but how far their precious baby has grown since their early arrival.

Kylie rode her bike from Melbourne to Adelaide in May 2010 and the team raised an incredible $53,817.31 from the ride which helped to purchase a giraffe cot for the unit. Every Easter and Christmas Kylie sews nonstop to provide gifts for each of the families. Last year, she donated 30 gift bags filled with clothes and a quilt for each baby’s cot at Christmas. This year she created and donated beautiful handmade albums to every mum for Mother’s Day and gorgeous handmade bunnies for Easter and 68 premmie nests for each of the babies.

Her heart and soul sews for the unit and she funds the purchase of all her materials at her own expense. Her love and dedication in creating each item is in honour of her nephew and his journey through the unit. Kylie inspires many but most importantly, her sister is inspired by her heartfelt gifts and the time she spends volunteering to support the hospital that saved the life of her son.

Nominations for our 2014 Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards have now closed.