New Age Nappies Range

Imse Vimse
Organic Covers


Imse Vimse Organic covers with Imse Vimse’s awarded leg gussets to keep everything contained. These are my personal favourite covers, the first modern cloth cover that I have tried and no matter what I’ve had after these I always go back to these for a reliable, leakproof two piece system.

Vimse Organic AIO

This is a sized AIO nappy with a very modern design. It comes in 2 colours, either white or zoo which are both gender neutral which is great when you don’t know bubs sex or want to use it on multiple children. The newborn size is a great fit from day 1 and may fit unto 6 months on the average Australian baby. The design is very unique with a large Velcro panel on the front which makes it fit so well for a big size range. The Imse Vimse AIO overlaps in sizing so you only need to buy a maximum of 3 sizes, some people can get away with 2. A great priced nappy for Organic.

Bumpkins Superbib


The Bumkins superbib is a fabulous product for all babies. These bibs are wipe down so you don’t need to get heaps of them and they come in really fun prints that your toddler will love to wear. They even have a pouch to catch food in rather then landing in bubs lap. Great design, great prints, save on washing up loved by mum and bub!

Imse Vimse Swim Nappies & Tankini’s


Hit the pool or beach this year in the platinum award winning Imse Vimse swimwear. The Swim Nappy is exactly that – a swim nappy, nothing else but bub required! The Swim Nappy comes in 16 fun prints and the Tankini in 6 prints to match, you can also get non slip swim shoes which will protect bubs feet at the beach and prevent them slipping over at the pool.

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