Messages to loved ones in 2006

We invite you to submit details of your loved one(s) who were with you every step of the way throughout your journey after giving birth to a premature baby. Whether it was your parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, sister, brother or great friends.



Parent(s) first name(s): Julia & Mark
Premmie baby’s name(s): Ronan
Premmie baby’s gestation(s): 27+3 weeks
Hospital where born: Monash Medical Centre
Length of stay: 110 days
Premmie baby’s birth year(s) 2006
Name(s) of loved one(s): Dianne & Belinda
Relationship to child/ren: Grandma & Aunty
Thing you remember most about their support:
The daily phone calls of support and wanting to be kept up to date with how Ronan progressed whilst in NICU/SCN. Their support was amazing throughout Ronan’s long journey and whilst they were in a different state not a day went by where they never rang to hear about his progress.
Parents special message of thanks:
Thank for your love and understanding throughout Ronan’s birth and hospital stay. We are forever grateful for feeling like we had somewhere to turn when the rollercoaster ride was going down on some days. Family is so important and we cannot thank you enough for always thinking of us. xx

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