Look@MyBaby Live Video

L’il Aussie Prems Foundation has partnered with the Australian-developed Look@MyBaby solution which offers parents a private and secure live video “virtual baby visit” on site at hospitals and online via computers, mobile smart phones and iPads.

Look@MyBaby allows parents to continue bonding with their baby in special care/NICU when they cannot be in hospital and provides a means for other family members not permitted in the nursery to meet the new baby. One of the most difficult things for parents to deal with in a premmie baby situation is the separation from their newborn.

It is not possible for parents to be present physically in the hospital nursery with their baby 24/7. Life must go on with other demands at home and work, and the needs of other siblings have to be met.

Look@MyBaby and their partner hospitals offer a solution to assist families at this difficult time in their lives.

• Peace of mind for parents when new baby requires special care in hospital
• Siblings bond with the new baby from home
• Assists mother’s let-down reflex
• Online Guestbook to record real-time support and memories

Look@MyBaby is only available in select maternity hospitals across the country. Please check here for the current hospital list.

If your hospital is not listed, please contact the L@MB Concierge staff and they will assist you personally with what options may be available to you.

Family Stories
To learn how other families have benefited from Look@MyBaby, you can read some stories & testimonial via their blog.

Hear the latest from Look@MyBaby on their L@MB facebook page and watch television news reports via their website.

To book the service at your hospital please visit their websites booking page.

Each hospital has different protocols for the use of Look@MyBaby. The Look@MyBaby Concierge staff will be able to help you.

Support Gift

If you would like to offer Look@MyBaby as a unique and wonderful support gift for family or friends you know with a baby in special care, you can book the service here and Look@MyBaby Concierge staff will take care of things directly:

Service duration
Your contact number

Contact and Queries

We have set-up a dedicated section on our forum for discussions where Look@MyBaby Concierge staff will answer any general queries you have about the service.

You can also contact Look@MyBaby more personally in regards your individual needs at  support@lookatmybaby.net or call 1300 526 222.