Logan’s Birth Story – Born At 32 Weeks

Logan’s Journey In This World

It all started a week before Logan was born here in Geraldton WA. I was at home with my husband and 2 and half yr old daughter and had a very bad bleed. We were flown to Perth and i was in hospital at King Edward for a week. I was sent home four days later but we had the same thing, another bleed but this time I knew that I was not coming home and Logan was going to be born.premature baby, logan, birth story, premmie, baby, babies, gallery, NICU, Journey, Support

Logan Gerald was born into this world at 32 weeks gestation on the 21st January 2004 at 3.56 pm. He weighed 1750 grams and was delivered by emergency c-section. I went code blue in the maternity room and that is all I can remember of his birth. The following morning on the 22nd January I got up and was told what had happen. I was also told where Logan was as I did not know how my little boy was going and that he was not very well.

The doctors told my husband & i that he had 72 hours to pull through and that they where trying everything to help him. We prayed that our little boy would live to see his sister that was so happy that she had a brother. All I could do was watch him fight for his life. We went though all the stages of his life with the up’s and down’s and going through the rooms of the units. When he went into SCN 2 one day we went to see Logan and he was not there, he had an infection and they had to put him back in SCN 3 just for a few days. He went back into SCN 2 and that was where he stayed for a few weeks. One day I received good news that Logan was doing so well that he had gone to HDU. That is where he stayed until the 10th March when we finally came home.

After 7 weeks we finally had our son at home with us.




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