Lily’s Story – Born at 32 weeks gestation

Lily was born at 32+1 weeks gestation. I had been on bedrest since 18+6 weeks due to incompetent cervix. At 22+6, I was placed on strict hospital bedrest with a cerclage placed at 23 weeks due to shortening and effacing. Everyone thought she was going to arrive any day. But she held on and at 28 weeks, I was allowed to go home, still on strict bedrest. Early in the morning at 32 weeks, I went into labour. Labour was stopped, but by midnight the next day I was in labour again and Lily arrived at 3:45am, screaming her tiny lungs out for all the world to hear. She went straight to Special Care and spent the next 26 days growing big and learning to feed. She did have jaundice and two rounds of antibiotics, one profilactic and one for suspected infection, but otherwise our NICU journey was smooth sailing. She has grown more amazing everyday since!

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