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Early babies can be late developers

26th April 2013

PREMATURE babies may need memory training to prevent learning and behavioural problems at school, researchers recommend.

Seven in every 10 babies born more than two months early, or weighing less than a kilogram, have an intellectual, learning or behavioural problem at eight years of age, an Australian study shows.


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Probiotic gives new hope to premature babies

10th April 2013

Australian doctors have discovered a cheap and simple solution to a deadly health problem suffered by very premature babies.

One in eight babies born in Australia are born premature, and many babies born eight weeks early can develop a serious bowel condition called necrotising enterocolitis, or NEC.

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Colour yourself green for premature babies

2nd April 2013

FOR many pregnant mothers the birth of their child cannot come quickly enough.

For others whose children arrive prematurely the birth is fraught with uncertainty and at considerable risk to both infant and mother.

Mudjimba’s Kerryn Hill-McKay knows the incredible heartache involved in having to go home from hospital while a baby stays behind in intensive care.

Now two years on from Che’s birth she is keenly promoting tomorrow’s Wear Green for Premmies Day organised by the L’il Aussie Prems Foundation, which raises money for equipment and awareness about the realities of premature birth.

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After 118 days in hospital, premature baby Fynn is heading home

1st April 2013

MOST people did not even know Annie Lyttle was pregnant when she went into labour.

At 23 weeks, she had another four months for her belly to swell as her body nurtured her baby, allowing her baby’s eyes to finish forming, his lungs to grow big enough to support breath and for him to triple in size.

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Amniotic fluid ‘may heal premature baby gut’

25th March 2013

Amniotic fluid may hold the key to healing a fatal gut disease which affects premature babies, doctors say.

Severe inflammation, called necrotizing enterocolitis, can destroy the gut’s tissues and lead to major organ failure.

Early animal tests, published in the journal Gut, showed that stem cells inside amniotic fluid could heal some of the damage and increase survival.

Further tests are still needed before it is tried in premature babies.

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Breakthrough research gives premature babies hope

3rd March 2013

THE damaged lungs of premature babies could be repaired in the days after their birth using a stem-cell-like treatment pioneered at Melbourne’s Monash Institute of Medical Research.

The world-first research will be tested on 10 premature babies in Malaysian hospitals starting in the next three months.

If successful, wider trials are planned in Australia at Monash Children’s Hospital and overseas to find out if introducing cells harvested from a baby’s amniotic membrane could save dangerously premature babies suffering severe and life-long lung conditions.


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