In the beginning it was a safe haven for me where I wasn’t alone… I was one of many. It was good for me socially as we were not long home from hospital and I couldn’t get out much being winter and being so afraid of Charlie getting sick. Then it became a place to share all the magical milestones and to get help with issues that other parents just couldn’t understand. On L’il Aussie Prems Charlie isn’t different..he’s the norm, then of course we fell pregnant again and you all supported me through a very scary pregnancy. And now you all share my joy in Lizzie too. L’il Aussie Prems is great…we can share craft, we send care parcels, we trade clothes…meet new friends…cry and laugh together…its done so much for me.

Mandii, Charlie (born at 27 weeks) & Elizabeth (born full term) -QLD

L’il Aussie Prems is my “mothers group”. When I came home with the boys I was alone , isolated and scared. I stumbled across LAP. I have found that the mums all helped me feel welcome & normal. I was no longer isolated as a new mum. It is also the one place where milestones mean so much, even the small milestones. I can get excited about little things and not feel silly sharing them with you guys.

Jules, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating a forum that reaches out & connects so many. I am proud to be a LAP member.

Jenny & twins Thomas & Alexander (born at 24 weeks) – VIC

L’il Aussie Prems is a security blanket. I joined when i was 23 weeks pregnant & was on bedrest due to pre-term labour. I don’t feel like i am the odd one out cause the kids were born so early. Everyone understands what we’ve gone through to get to get to where we are today, even if we aren’t home yet or slight set back we’ve had. Even though they feel like the world is coming to an end to me.

To everyone – I cant thank you enough, i truly cant.

Krystal & triplets Aleah, Tahlia & James (born at 28 weeks) – NSW

At first L’il Aussie Prems was a wealth of information to me about Premature birth. I wasn’t sure about joining the forum at first, being the only male at the time, but everyone was fantastic. Once I was on the forum I found a new home. It is somewhere where I could share my feelings without being insecure. In public I never ever show my true emotions and hide behind a traditional male image. There were times where I did it really tough with Kai and LAP enabled me to reflect, share and move through his journey. On LAP I feel like I can be myself and share Kai’s challenges and know that the people you are talking to understand because they have been there.

On LAP Kai isn’t to small, he is not ‘behind’, he isn’t to sick or weak and he isn’t different. He is appreciated for being the beautiful boy he is no matter what his weight or health. I love reading about others successes and achievements with their kids and I hope that I can be support for others who may need it through challenging times. LAP has provided me with support, encouragement, strength, protection and a few laughs and tears along the way.

I feel like I know so many of you but actually haven’t met anyone from LAP yet. The LAP community is an integral part of my life now and I never intend to leave. Thank you for being so welcoming and accepting of a Dad and thank you for making the winding road of premature birth far easier to climb.

Sean dad to Kai (born at 32 weeks) – VIC

I too was not sure about joining the forum but did so on the advice from my GP to help with my PND. Here I found a place that was secure and supportive especially in the first year of Josh’s life where much of it was spent at home for fear of sickness and readmission to hospital. I was determined once home we were not going back even though it meant living in isolation. This forum has allowed me to discuss my thoughts no matter how stupid they have felt at the time and have been met with responses of understanding, support and true kindness. Even though most of us haven’t met this still feels like a family unique and bonded by the common experiences of premature birth.

Kate, Joshua (born at 30 weeks) & Jenna (born full term)SA

I was asked how did I find L’il Aussie Prems. Well, Jules found me, through a magazine article. And I am soooo grateful. I didn’t jump in immediately. I just paddled at the edges for a while. Until I felt my world closing in as our 1st anniversary of getting home approached. As soon as I introduced myself and Rachel I was overwhelmed with the warm, friendly and funny (nice) responses. The families that I have “met” through LAP are more family to me than my own. Here I can celebrate all the milestones because for us there is no such thing as a small achievement. Here, everyone understands the significance of a day that would seem “normal” for most other parents. Here, Rachel is a star, like all our kids are. No one is odd or disadvantaged.

Since joining LAP I have learnt so much more about toddler prems and I’ve been able to ask questions. There’s always someone out there that has a clearer or better perspective, or has been there and done that.

LAP is a family. LAP is a community. LAP is a support group. LAP is a pool of real world information. LAP has been a life line for me.


Rhonda & Rachel (born at 24 weeks)QLD

Having a premmie baby can be a really lonely and scary experience. LAP helped me through the most difficult journey in my life to date. I used to be SO sensitive about our daughter’s size and gestation and the stares and comments from members of the public. One year down the track and I am proud and confident in telling people who ask about our daughter, that she is an ex 27 weeker, 605 gram baby who is happy and healthy. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the wonderful support of the LAP members. Thank you Jules for creating this amazing site.

Elle, Tony and Arielle (born at 27 weeks) QLD

Lil Aussie Prems has been a life saver! The incredible wealth of information available from not only the website but also its forum members is incredible. The forum and its members are wonderful, caring and very supportive! We have all shared our joys, sadness, troubles, you name it we share it and we provide support to one another that we need. LAP is not just a group of random people – we are a family!

Sarah, Hayden (32 weeks) & William (30 weeks) – QLD

Since having my daughter maddison and finding LAP i never feel alone no matter what problem you are facing with your premmie baby LAP members are always there to give help, advice and support. We are more than just people in different states and countries on LAP. Without LAP most of us wouldn’t know what way to turn when raising our premmie babies. I am so grateful to be able to access a site like this..

Janelle & Maddison (born at 32 weeks) – VIC

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