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Welcome to the L’il Aussie Prems July / August/ September 2011 Newsletter.

Firstly, we apologise for not having a July newsletter, so we have combined July, August & September together since we are so close to the end of this month already. We had a super busy month with creating a new website for the National Premmie Foundation. Everyone is excited to see it online including all the wonderful and gorgeous children. A BIG congratulations to Julia (LAP’s creator) for the amazing design and long hours that she must have put in to creating the site. Please visit the website and check it out. Also join the National Premmie Foundation page on Facebook.

Now back to Lil Aussie Prems. We have had over 50 new members join our wonderful community over the past couple of months. It is exciting to see the number of registered members increase on a weekly and monthly basis. If you are a new member, please remember to introduce yourself and your precious family. And do not forget, we also enjoy lots and lots of photos of your precious prems.

In the coming months we will have our very own personalised “Proud Premmie Family” car sun shades, glow in the dark wrist bands for our “Green for Prems” facebook event in April 2012 & our new flyers which are almost ready to hit the printer. Keep an eye out for those!

For all new and old members, we are starting another round of Prem Buddies. This is where interested members will be paired with another member to converse privately two or three times a week for the period of 1 month. For the members who have not posted on the forum, this is a great way to slowly get to know other parents. Also, wonderful online friendships can be formed. We hope that you all join in and get to know each other.

We would like to offer congratulations to our members and their children who celebrate their birthday in the following months:-


Caelan (30+1w), Noah (33+5w), Kelly, Jaiden (23w), Hannah, Talia (27+4), Michelle, Rachael, Isaac (30Wks), Kylani (35wks), Natalie, Kiska, Jaycob (33w), Arielle (27w), Lily, Cael (27w), Pixie, Kayley, Delacey (26wks), Sebastian and Jasmine (28+6w), and Hayley (24w).


Charmaine, Charli (31wk), Stacey, Lee-Ann, Tim (36w), Sarah, Nicole, Jamie-Grace, Elizabeth, Bri, Caitlin (34w), Mikayla (33w), Harrison (34w), Lisa, Isla (28w), Helena, Blade, Abbie (35w), Logan, Jayden, Sally, Jocelyn & Mackenzie (26w), Olivia (25+2w), Miichael (36w), Deegan (32w), and Natasha.


Liam (FT), Makkai (FT), Melissa (34w), Elle, Blake (FT), James (35w), Jett (35w), Sahara-Lee (FT), Amy, Declan (FT), Riley (33w), Archer (24w), Cooper (35w), Tony x 2, Mila (31w), Stacey, Jacob (stillborn), Ebony (FT), Rhonda, Taea & Bailey (31w), Harrison (FT), Kadee & Samara (25w), Anastasia (35w) and Isla.

To everyone else who celebrated their birthday in July, August and upcoming in September Happy Birthday! If you or your child’s birthday is not included but should be please reply to our birthday thread on the forum so we don’t miss it next year!

Our newsletter is packed with lots of exciting things this month including latest news links, Facebook page support, premmie of the month, events, latest birth announcements, premmie article, latest forum topics and more..

We hope you are having a great month!

Warmest Wishes,

LAP Team

(We are a proud member group of the National Premmie Foundation)

You can also view our newsletter online.



Premmie & Beyond Session

Lifes Little Treasures Foundation have introduced a series of monthly information sessions that will be running for families of premature and sick babies. It will cover areas such as Diet, Feeding, Post Natal Depression, Dentistry, Autism, Developmental Milestones and Occupational Therapy. As the parent of a prem or sick child we are forever wondering if we are “doing the right thing”. They hope that through these sessions you will walk away with information that will enable you to become more confident in your child?s parenting.

Next Session – Post Natal Depression / Post Traumatic Stress

Anyone can suffer from Post Natal Depression, even men. Mothers who have had a premature baby are more likely to experience Post Natal Depression & / Post Traumatic Stress. There will be 2 guest speakers from PANDA at the next Premmie & Beyond session.

Friday 9th September 2011

Location: Phoenix Park

Address: Neighbourhood House

22 Rob Roy Road

East Malvern, VIC 3145

Time: 9.45am (for a 10am start ) – 11:30am

All sessions will be followed by a morning tea and social catch up.

Please RSVP: Numbers attending (including children) by Monday 5th September to rowena@lifeslittletreasures.org.au (as limited space)

Children and siblings welcome

Visit www.lifeslittletreasures.org.au or you can also join their Facebook page for event updates.



Your Stories Are Needed!!

The National Premmie Foundation needs your premmie story for the Australian Government. This is the beginning of their campaign to reduce rates of premature birth. Next month the NPF’s President, Sean will have the chance to meet with key government health officials. Australia is being left behind in governmental support and funding for premature babies.

The NPF want to take thousands of your stories to the government. Please take the time to send an email saying why our governments should be doing more, attach your story and also mention why you think the government should be doing more for premature birth.

Visit the Foundations Facebook page for further details.



We Love Supporting

Women Who Have Been There is a support group in South Australia (SA) formed together by mums who have had their babies go through Neonatal Care. They support mums and families in the unit including once they are home.

With the compassion and strong heartfelt desire to support these mums and families whilst also giving back to the hospitals in some way, the idea of WWHBT support group was conceived in 2008 bringing together like minded friends who have been through the Neonatal experience themselves.

The group aims to support mums and families as well as staff. They offer support from parents who have also been where they are now, with their babies in hospital and have walked a similar journey and do truly understand.

With that and the compassion the group have in their hearts, they hope to ease the families load a bit, provide some practical help and offer an understanding ear whilst spreading hope, love and support.

Visit their wonderful website today.



Latest Birth Announcements

We all know how special the birth of a premature baby is and we welcome you to add their birth announcement on our website. We cherish all angel babies here at L’il Aussie Prems and invite you to announce the birth of your precious baby.

We encourage parents, grandparents, friends and relatives to submit a birth announcement. You are welcome to add any additional information in your announcement and we all look forward to celebrating with you.

Elliot Andrej

Born on the 29th June 2011 at 28+3 weeks gestation weighing 1159 grams & 35cms in length in NSW.

Mikayla-Jane Rosie

Born on the 8th July 2011 at 32+5 weeks gestation weighing 2346 grams & 43cms in length in QLD.

Finn Michael

Born on the 23rd July 2011 at 27+1 weeks gestation weighing 1225 grams & 29cms in length in WA.

Twins ~ John & Steven

Born on the 28th July 2011 at 28+2 weeks gestation weighing 1022 grams and 955grams & 33.5 cms and 35 cms in length in VIC.

Visit our website if you wish to submit your premmies birth announcement details.



Article – Later problems of premature babies (Part 1)

What is the Vulnerable Child Syndrome?

Sometimes parents continue to think of their former preemie as fragile and susceptible to problems even though the child is physically and developmentally healthy. They become overly protective, worry excessively, and unknowingly slow or change their child’s development. The former preemie may fail to develop self confidence and/or a sense of independence.

How can I prevent the Vulnerable Child Syndrome?

First, try to interact with this child like you would if s/he had been born at term. Encourage socialization and age-appropriate activities. When considering expectations and when to introduce activities in the first two years of life, use the child’s “corrected age”, his/her age corrected for the number of weeks of prematurity. For example, if your baby is ten months old and was three months premature, your expectations should be that for a seven month old. After age two, you do not need to correct for prematurity.

Things you can do to prevent the vulnerable child syndrome:

  • Encourage interactions with other children their age
  • Let them do things by themselves when they can
  • Let them have opportunities to make decisions; give them choices
  • Find play experiences outside your home, such as at parks, play groups
  • Give words of praise when they do things independently
  • Don’t be too quick to intervene in trial and error learning
  • Set appropriate limits and be consistent with them
  • Establish consistent routines so they know what to expect and can develop independence in following the routine
  • Don’t speak for them if they are capable of expressing themselves
  • Talk to them in age-appropriate language, (not baby talk to a 3 year old)

Click here to read further..

(Kindly supplied by our online support partner Lifes Little Treasures Foundation)



Featured Product ~ Cuski

Your Cheeky Monkey is the Australian Cuski Comforter Specialist Store – They stock all colours and styles.

Cuski is a calming, safe and healthy alternative to other infant comforters. It is machine washable and retains its comforting softness, wash after wash. Suitable from birth, Cuski has all the qualities a child looks for in a comforter – softness, suckability, sheer lovability and of a course a label to twiddle but unlike a traditional blanket it can be easily replaced if lost or damaged.

The Cuski’s unique shape stimulates your childs imagination – a round shape is the first shape a baby recognizes. Plus the Cuksi has no face to upset your little one! The Cuski is a perfect gift for baby showers, new babies, Christmas, toddlers, or can be made up into a gift pack with other items from our store.

Cuski is used around the world by premature babies, sick newborns, babies in neonatal intensive care units (nicu), special care babies, full term newborns, toddlers, children 0+ 7 years, both boys and girls adore Cuski Comfoters, babies and children in daycare, babies with nannies or babysitters,working parents, babies of mothers and fathers who have returned to work, unsettled babies and more.

Visit www.yourcheekymonkey.com.au

Join their Facebook page.

We are very proud to have Your Cheeky Monkey as one of our amazing sponsors.



PIPA (Preterm Infant’s Parent’s Association)

Celebrating Queensland Prems

Friday 26th August 2011

Come along for a celebration of Queenslands prems and the amazing journey they have travelled. Face painting fun for the kids and Morning teas for the parents provided. Everyone is welcome – siblings grandparents included!

Address: Broncos Leagues Club

1 Fulcher Road

Red Hill, Australia

Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm

Cost: Nil (however PIPA will be selling raffle tickets and the PIPA “Miracle Babe” T- shirts will be available for sale)

RSVP please by Friday 19th August to:

Rachael Anderson – 0437 677 323

qr68@optusnet.com.au or

Eileen Cooke – 3314 0115


Join their Facebook page for event updates



Facebook Pages

Each month we will be featuring Facebook pages that offer support to families. These pages encompass many areas of support on parenting.

Loddon Mallee Kids Supporting premmie families in Bendigo (Victoria). A proud member group of the National Premmie Foundation.

SIDS and Kids – They are dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and to supporting bereaved families.

Happy Little Hampers – Adding a personal touch to gift items for nurseries, babies and new mums.

Bubs Little Pretties – Handmade nappy & overnight bags + more..

Amber for Archer – Buy an amber teething necklace or make a donation to help fund medical expenses for Archer!

Look@MyBaby – The ‘Virtual Baby Visit’ experience offered by maternity hospitals to new parents, their family & friends.

Supercharged Prems – A place to vent and chat and hopefully support each other about our “supercharged prems”.

Harrisons Little Wing Charity – Offering support & keepsakes to families who suffer a perinatal death.

Infant Massage Australia – Celebrating and promoting baby massage with Australian families.



Premmie of the Month

Name: Luccas

Where was Luccas born? Logan Hospital, but was transferred soon after birth to the Mater Mothers in Brisbane.

What was his gestation? 24 weeks

What was his birth weight? 690 grams

How long has he been in hospital 133 days and still counting

How has his journey been whilst in hospital (any complications)? Luccas has had a few complications. Mainly his lungs.. He struggled to come off the ventilator many times he had 3 doses of steroids and they didn’t think he was going to be able to breathe on his own because of the severity of damage to his lungs from being ventilated for over 2 months. He had countless infections, sepsis at birth, PDA, an issue with two chambers in his heart also, he had countless blood transfusions & plasma. Also when he was a bit older around 35 weeks his lungs collapsed and he had to be re intubated.. That was scary!

Does Luccas have any ongoing health issues?

Yes, his chronic neonatal lung disease he will most likely be on oxygen for a few years to come but we are just grateful to have him here

What has been your proudest moment since Luccas was born? I have so many! When he made that 1 week milestone that the doctors told us he wasn’t going to make. When he was 40days old and strong enough to come out for a hug. When he came off the ventilator when they told us he wasnt strong enough too. On his darkest days when he just battled on 🙂 and last night actually when he took 100mls from a bottle!! Such an achievement for him


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