Izabella Rose’s Birth Story – Born At 31 Weeks

Falling pregnant was a huge shock for me, I was only 16, had been taking the pill and was a type 1 diabetic! I was advised by every doctor friend and family member to have an abortion. I remember leaving my first doctors appointment in tears, I was told the chances of my little one surviving were next to none and if it did it would have severe disabilities But something inside me told me my baby would be ok in the long run and to keep going which is what i did.

From day one I was faced with many problems in my pregnancy At 6 weeks, i started bleeding. I went straight to hospital and was told my baby had died and to go back the next week for an ultrasound to confirm this. that was one of the longest weeks of my life There are no words to describe the relief i felt when a tiny heartbeat appeared on the scan. By this stage i was constantly getting cramps though and was being advised it was only a matter of time before i lost it, The next few weeks passed without too much drama until 12 weeks when I again started bleeding. I remember passing a clot and being told that it was the baby. yet another scan showed a healthy baby who had just proved doctors wrong!

The bleeding passed and at my 18 week scan i finally accepted that i was going to be a mum when my results came back showing i was having a girl and she was perfect, no signs on disabilities but a little small which is odd for a diabetic! This was short lived just 2 weeks later my waters broke. I was shattered. My Ob told me i would give birth within a week, and that was too early for recussitation. He sent me home and told me to get complete bed rest. That week passed as did another and then another. At 23 weeks my Ob called me and asked me to go straight there. It was that appointment that i was given a shimmer of hope. I was being sent to Brisbane the following morning where they had the facilities to care for a premature baby!! Arriving at Brisbane Mater Mothers hospital things finally started to sink in when i was given a tour of the NICU. I realised I wasnt alone and never gave up. The nurses told me that each and every hour my bub stayed in would help. No one thought i would last too much longer.

With complete bedrest, weekly ultrasounds and twice weekly bloodtests my pregnancy continued slowly. At 26 weeks I developed pre eclampsia, but that was controlled until it was decided i needed an emergency c section at 31 weeks and 6 days. On the 30th of December 2004 my little princess, Izabella Rose was bought into this world weighing 1.610kg or 3 pound 9 and crying which was amazing to hear as we’d been advised she may not.

When i was taken into NICU to see her and she was the most beautiful, precious angel i had ever laid my eyes on. Getting to 31 weeks had been a huge relief and we thought things would be alot easier from there on in. We could never have been more wrong. The doctor came upto us and said Bella was extremely sick, that her lungs had stopped growing at 22 weeks and the words she used was that 22 weekers dont survive. I was taken back to the ward and my partner took my mum, his mum and my sister to see our little one. He came back 2 hours later and Bella had gone from 100% ventilation to 30% it was at that moment i knew she would make it. The following morning we were told she had a good night but to expect a long long stay if she did make it. They said she’s be on a ventilator for weeks and in NICU for longer. The next few hours passed with me recovering from the c section and trying to express milk, the only way i could help my angel.

My partner and I walked in to the NICU 2 days later and burst into tears. Bella had decided to breathe on her own and coughed up the ventilator things progressed fast from there, on day 6 she was tranferred to SCU and at exactly 2 weeks old was transferred to lismore, our local hospital. She spent a further 6 weeks there, I spent my 17th birthday rooming in and on the 17th of feb 2005 i took my little girl home. She was still on oxygen which she needed for 11 months, she came off it 2 weeks before her birthday but that was nothing compared to the possible outcomes we could have had. She’l be 3 this december, and is amazing, she’s taller than average but slimmer too she still wears size 1 clothes! She’s about 6 months ahead with her speech and is extremely smart. her paed has said we have a genius on our hands. Her premature birth still affects her, she has asthma and a low immune system, this winter alone she had 8 ear infections, asthma, allergies, croup, chest infections and most recently pneumonia which had her back on oxygen and drips, it took nine attempts to get a drip in!

Over all Izabella is a really happy and bright girl. she has taught me so much, and is my reason for living. To me, having her early and seeing the battle we faced had made me realise just how precious a childs life is and never to take their presence for granted not a day goes by that i dont thank god and my lucky stars for my princess.



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