Indiana’s Story – Born at 28 Weeks

Indiana Faith born 1st Dec 08 at 28 weeks gestation to Lisa and Paul We were surprised when we feel pregnant only 4 mths after Emily was born but over joyed to be adding to our already large family.

I had been in and out of hospital since 19 weeks with this pregnancy, I was admitted on Tuesday the 18/11 and discharged on fri 22/11. Then while sitting on the lounge on Sat 23/11 my waters broke!  I yelled for DF who came running in from outside took one look at me soaking and paniced. We had to ring my mum and the hospital who obviously said to come in.premature baby angel

My mum met us there and took Emily with her (the older 4 where at there dad’s). Contractions started a few hours later so I was taken to labour and delivery. A few hours later the nurse thought that bub was getting close so all of a sudden the room filled with all these people (doctors, peads, consultant, neonatel nurse etc) and my labour just stopped!! The midwife said it was my bodies response to the panic and adrenalin. Everybody left and I was monitored for the rest of the night. The next day I had a bit of a bleed so the keep me in L&D until Monday morning.

I spent the next week in a round of obs, scans, leaking, making friends with the other girls (the broken waters club 😀 ), going to morning craft and hanging out for DF and my kids visits…I was pretty much told I was in hospital till I had bub.

Then on Monday 1/12 everything changed…

Indy decided to test the waters and stick her foot out! I went to the toilet and after wiping felt a funny tickle/itch just inside my vajinny, so just put my finger in to rubpremature baby angel (sorry if TMI) and felt 5 little toes!

I went back into my room and said to my room mates ‘I think I just felt her foot’ so I rang the buzzer for the nurse and told her what happened…she immediately layed me on my back and my doctors came very quickly.  She did a speculum exam and said there was definitely a foot sticking out of my cervix…I four heads peering inside me with a torch with a look of utter shock on there face. They then did a quick u/s and could indeed see her foot disappearing into my cervix!

Things moved very quick from there, I was layed flat and wheeled out on the bed to surgery. (It was like the movies…watching the corridor lights go over my head) I had to ring Paul to come in quickly as we are having our baby, because we had had a few labour scares I don’t think it really sunk in how serious this all was…he asked if he can stop of on the way to drop something of for work…my response was a resounding NO!

I was laying in the prep room with about 10 people working on me and talking to me…I was just freaking, my head was going 1000miles and hour trying to process what was going on. They did my epidural and wheeled me into theater…there were people every where, there were about 20…3 anethatists, doctors nurses, peads, neonatal nurse, midwife.  The anesthesiologist rang Paul to see how far away he was, he arrived just as they where opening me up.premature baby angel He had Hayley and Leigh with him…they had to wait outside until my mum came and picked them up.

They had to do a classical c/s because she was so early and the bottom half of my uterus was not properly formed yet.It was a weird sensation, I could feel them pulling and pushing but there was no pain. I could hear the doctors discussing how to get her out because she was in such an awkward position. Head right up the top and one foot jammed straight down.

It took them a bit to get her out…Amy(my ob) said that Indy started crying as they were pulling her out. Hearing her little cry was the most beautiful sound!!

I had a quick glimpse of her before they took her downs stairs, Paul went with her. Being put back together was very uncomfortable. It was the first time I had not held my baby straight after birth…I felt a little lost.

I then spent 25 min in recovery and then wheeled up to my own room. 2 hrs later Paul wheeled me down to have a very quick visit with my gorgeous girl. She was so tiny and so perfect.

I didn’t realise how dangerous it was…if her foot could get out of the hole in my membranes and cervix then so could the cord and that is a real risk to bubs life…I am so glad she stuck her foot out that day and I have my gorgeous special little girl.











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