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Welcome to the L'il Aussie Prems November Newsletter.

We apologise for the lateness of this months newsletter. Things have been hectic on the forum and for many of our members away from the screen.

In October we had 23 new members join the
forum. A big warm welcome is extended to those members and we look forward to reading your introduction. Also don't forget to let us know how you found our premmie community.

We would like to offer congratulations to our prem babies and our members who celebrate their birthday in November. Ethan (33wk),   Hayden (32wk), Janelle, Sam, Alexander, Bec_2ndtimeround, Connor, Liss, Chelsea (31w), Amelia, Zachariah (31w), mimic
and everyone else celebrating their birthday this month, happy birthday! 

We have quite a few premmie babies in NICU/SCN at this time. Some of the precious babies have been in care for weeks/months and many have just started their journey. We send all our thoughts and strength to each baby and hope that their journey isn't too difficult. We look forward to hearing about their updates and homecoming.

Congratulations also to all our premmie mummies who are currently pregnant. We hope that your pregnancy is very uneventful. Those close to giving birth well done on reaching full term. To those mums who have given birth in the past month, congratulations.

Don't forget about Premature Birth Awareness Week starting today. Visit for details.

We hope you all have a great month.

L'il Aussie Prems Team 



In this issue:

* Welcome

* Latest Forum Topics

* Live Chat

* Premmie Competition

* 'Tis The Season

* Premmie Birth Announcements

* Premmie News

* Premmie Of The Month

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Our live chats are a great way for parents to connect and have a group conversation with other premmie parents. Live chats are held every Tuesday night at 9pm est.

Day chats will be starting soon for parents who are unable to join us in the night chats. We will advise you when they start and what day/time each week. Everyone is welcome.

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The Bub Born Early website is giving away a copy of their latest creation, The BubBE book to one lucky family. The BubBE Book was created by Natasha Bowden to be a guiding hand along the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) journey. It is essentially a baby book for the premature child and their parents, in which all of the unique experiences that come with being born, or having a child, prematurely can be recorded.

To enter this fantastic competition visit the Bub Born Early website, answer the following question and email your answer via their contact us page.

Question: What hospital was the authors premature baby born in? 

The competiton closes on Wednesday 17th December 2008. 


'Tis the Season... 

Having your child in hospital is a stressful experience, and if your baby is in a NICU at a time when traditionally families are at home together, celebrating, it is just that much harder to deal with. Knowing how much parents appreciate the keepsakes they receive during their stay, a growing number of L'il Aussie Prems mums have been using their creative and organisational talents to try and bring a little joy to some of the many families who will spend this festive season beside an isolette or hospital cot, worrying about their premature baby.

Here are just a few of our inspirational community:

Mandii has been making festive little “My first Christmas” cards, with space for parents to attach a photo of their precious little bundle. These can later be placed in a memory box or scrapbook.

Karen has been sewing tiny gowns out of gorgeous fabrics and posting them around Australia, brightening NICUS everywhere. See more photos on her blog.

Jodie has been putting together Christmas goodie bags for her NICU, containing items donated by companies she has contacted, and gifts made or donated by her many friends.

If you’re thinking about making or organising something special for the babies, parents or staff at your NICU, please feel free to post about it on the forum. You will always find someone to encourage you and offer suggestions, and maybe you can team up with someone to gently touch the life of another premmie parent this festive season.



Do you want to announce to the world the birth of your gorgeous premature baby? Now you can on L'il Aussie Prems NEW birth announcement pages.

At L'il Aussie Prems we know how special all premature babies are and believe that every birth needs to be celebrated.

We encourage parents, grandparents, friends and relatives to submit a birth announcement of their precious new bundle.

You have the option to post your baby's gestation, weight, length and write a message regarding their birth or a personal message.

We look forward to celebrating your baby's birth with you.



Below are the latest articles making headlines regarding premature babies and families from around the world. 
Hurrican technology predicts premature baby blow-ins

Making a difference to premature babies

Premature baby is his father's idol

Report urges states to tackle preterm birth crisis

Bubble wrap saves 23 week old premature babies life

Premature baby makes first trip home

Human Breastmilk Bank In VIC

Volunteers sought to cuddle premature babies




Charlotte & her mum Lou

Where was CC born?
In Bielefeld, Germany on 15th December 2005

What was her gestation?
32 + 0 weeks due to PPROM. My waters went at 31 +2, and I held off 5 days before an infection kicked in.
And her birth weight?
1.65kg, or 3lb 10oz

What do you remember most about CC's time in hospital?
Getting married 2 days later in the hospital chapel. Our wedding was always planned, CC's early arrival wasn't, so there was a lot of reorganising done, and I got married in a wheelchair. It made it very special though!

Does she have any ongoing health issues?
Not related to her prematurity. She is asthmatic, but never had CLD, so we presume it is just one of those things. Her speech was delayed at the 2 year mark, but has caught up remarkably in the last 6 months.

What has been your proudest moment since she came home?
Because she was born in Germany we didn't get to introduce her to family members (especially grandparents) for a very long time. So our first trip back to England and then Australia, when we finally got to show off our little girl!

What is your top tip for other mothers of premmie babies?
Don't compare. Its the hardest thing to stop yourself from doing. But all prems are different, so even the same gestational age babies will have different development graphs. Your baby is unique, so just focus on the positives and don't compare to what other babies are doing.


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