August 2009

Welcome to the L'il Aussie Prems August 2009 Newsletter.

Since our last newsletter we have 35 new registered members. We welcome you all to our community and please be sure to introduce yourself and your little premmie babies to us, we would love to meet you.

We would like to offer congratulations to our prem babies and our members who celebrate their birthday this month in August. Charmaine, Charli (31wk), Stacey, Lee-Ann, Tim (36w), Sarah, Nicole, Jamie-Grace (FT), Elizabeth (FT), Bri, Harrison (34w), Lisa, Jayden (FT), Sally, Deegan (32w) and everyone else celebrating their birthday this month, happy birthday! If you or your childs birthday is not included but should be please reply to our
birthday thread on the forum so we don't miss it next year!

We hope that you all had a fantastic National Premmie Day. Members attended celebrations around Australia and the day was a huge success. L'il Aussie Prems had a huge media month and was featured in media articles in Victoria and Queensland. We have the articles online
for you to view. We will be placing further articles online in the coming weeks.

We have a very limited amount of our "prems on board" car signs available. We have
sold out of all our "prem on board" signs but we still have "prems on board" signs available. Created with our premmie babies in mind each sign is made from reflective material with a suction cup included. Prices are $13 + post. What a great way to let other drivers know that you have precious cargo onboard. We would love your feedback so please let us know if you would like us to re-order our "prem on board" signs.

We have recently introduced "thanks of the month" where we pay tribute to those loved one who were with us every step of the way whilst our premmie babies were going through NICU/SCN. We welcome you to nominate a loved one. For details please visit our latest "thanks of the month" page and view our latest loved one, Belinda from NSW. 

Congratulations to Shari and family on the birth of the gorgeous Harrison.

We hope you all have a great month.

L'il Aussie Prems

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* The Baby Show Competition
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As families we have all been through the hard journey of premature birth and without the hospitals and their dedication it would have been a much harder road.

Please find messages from families around Australia who would like to pay tribute to the many doctors, nurses and medical staff who take care of our premmie babies whilst in the NICU/SCN. 

If you would like to support and thank your hospital for the amazing care and dedication they showed through your premmie babies journey please use our submission form. We encourage parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and friends to leave a message.


We are very excited to announce our funny photo competition. With the amazing support of 6 fantastic photographers around Australia, we have over $2,500 worth of photography packages to win!! This is a great opportunity for you to share some joyful, heart-warming moments with other members and be in the running to win professional photographs from someone who is dedicated to supporting the families of premature babies. Their support is very much appreciated. Prizes are available in NSW, SA, WA, ACT, VIC & QLD
For details on how you can enter please visit our forum

Competition opens Sunday 2nd August 2009 & closes on Friday 2nd October 2009

Please visit our website and see the wonderful photographers who are supporting our families.



Awareness of Pre Eclampsia, an illness which is the most common serious medical disorder of pregnancy, affects up to 1 in 10 mothers, however little is known about the disorder.

To provide information and support to families who have suffered from Pre-Eclampsia, the Australian Action on Pre-Eclampsia (AAPEC) has established a National Pre Eclampsia Awareness Week from 19-25 August 2007, to raise awareness and educate mothers as well as health professionals.

With some 200 babies dying because of Pre Eclampsia in Australia every year, pregnant women are urged not to miss their antenatal appointments, and to visit their doctor or midwife if they are concerned about their pregnancy.

National Pre Eclampsia Awareness Week is organized by The Australian Action on Preeclampsia Inc, a voluntary group comprising many mothers who have suffered from this pregnancy complication. To build awareness during the Week they have produced a community service announcement to be launched during the week.

Support AAPEC by helping to raise awareness of Pre-eclampsia this year (24-30 August 2009) by purchasing a ribbon from their online store.



1 of 10 double passes to attend The Baby Show in Sydney

The Baby Show is a fresh new LIVE event, targeting discerning pregnant women and mothers, providing them with far more than just a market for products but a modern, interactive, informative and authoritative one-stop, gorgeous shop with hundreds of stands, live talks, demonstrations and catwalks.

As well as fantastic shopping, The Baby Show offers a high level of education in the form of seminar theatres, enabling visitors to gain advice direct from the experts. A catwalk show will take place throughout the event showcasing the latest maternity, baby and toddler trends, plus plenty of entertainment for the kids, a toddler play area, pram parking and assault course, shop and drop zone and even an area to keep the dads busy, all adding to the experience.

The Baby Show has generously given L’il Aussie Prems 10 double passes to attend the event on either the Friday 18th or Sunday 20th September 2009. To win one of these double passes please fill in your details online and tell us who our support partner is (viewable from the main page).




Kai and his dad Sean

Where was Kai born?
Kai was born at Mercy Hospital in Heidelberg. He then transferred to Northpark, went back to Mercy a few times and was sent to the RCH for an extended stay several times

What was his gestation?
32 weeks

And his birth weight?
959 grams

What do you remember most about Kai's time in hospital?
I remember the smell of the hospital soap, the constant ringing of alarms, how hard it was to leave him at night and go home, how the NICU/SCN journey went on and on and most importantly I remember how brave and courageous he was through it all

Does Kai have any ongoing health issues?
Since Kai was born he has had many viruses, a double hernia operation, splits in the bowel area caused by an allergy to dairy and soy. This required blood transfusions and surgery. He has also had issues with asthma and other chest related illness. His main concerns now are monitoring of his asthma and dairy/soy allergies

What has been your proudest moment since Kai came home?

That is one tough question because like many Premmie parents you become so proud of so many steps along the way that might seem so small. His first step, his first words, his two year assessments or his weight gains come to mind. I was so proud when he sang songs on the microphone at a recent Premmie function. I think most of all I am proud of the fact that he is a beautiful, caring, happy and loving boy. He makes us proud everyday.

Thank you
L'il Aussie Prems Team


The Baby Show

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