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Welcome to the L'il Aussie Prems April 2009 Newsletter.

our March newsletter we have 24 new registered members. We welcome you all to our community and please be sure to introduce yourself and your little premmie babies to us, we would love to meet you.

We would like to offer congratulations to our prem babies and our members who celebrate their birthday in April. Chloe & Emily (32w), Adam, Kate (37w), Robbies Mum, Jessica, Thomas and Alexander (24.4w), Ella (27.3w), Leigh roy (36+1), Nixon (33w) and everyone else celebrating their birthday this month, happy birthday! If you or your childs birthday is not included but should be please reply to our birthday thread on the forum so we don't miss it next year!

One of our amazing members came up with an idea to help raise money not only for the members but also for the website. (Le Bec) decided to call her idea the "The Virtual Market Stall" where members can sell their unwanted items and give a percentage to the website. The stall has been a total hit and to date has raised over $200 for L'il Aussie Prems. If you wish to participate in our next stall please follow the threads in our trading room.

Miracle Babies are celebrating their 4th Annual Ball on Saturday 30th May 2009. If you wish to attend their amazing event please visit for more information. Proceeds from their event go towards equipment and resources for Liverpool Hospital's Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

Please welcome our newest sponsor Maree Jaeger Photography. Maree specialises in photography for Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family & Grandparents in Victoria.

L'il Aussie Prems has a facebook page so be sure to become a fan.

We hope you all have a great month.

L'il Aussie Prems Team

In this issue:

* Welcome

* Latest Forum Topics

* Premmie Foundation Committee

* Local Premmie Hero Awards

* Article ~ Special Needs Baby

* Website Features

* Latest Competition

* Premmie Baby Of The Month

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Latest Forum Topics

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Would you like to be apart of the National Premmie Foundation Committee?

If you have had a baby in a special care or a neonatal intensive care unit, you may like to "give something back" or if you have worked in such environments and have an understanding of the unique journey experienced by these families then perhaps you'd like to become involved in the National Premmie Foundation,

A national organisation that unifies, and acts as a guiding body for existing prem support groups, helps to create new ones, helps to improve the treatments and outcomes available for premature infants, and represents the interests of these infants and their families in terms of health policies, funding and standards of care. It also offers a friendly ear to parents going through this rollercoaster experience.

If you would like to apply for a position on the committee or would like further information. Then please contact the support group in your area, the group details can be found at the contacts page or if there is no group in your area contact the NPF direct at

Do you know a
Local Premmie Hero?

Do you know a “Local Premmie Hero”? L’il Aussie Prems seeks nominations for Australia’s first award recognising the work of volunteers within the premature baby community.

Every year in Australia, thousands of babies are born prematurely. Their families ride a rollercoaster of emotions as they watch their children fight to overcome the health and developmental issues facing them as a result of their early arrival. These issues continue long after the babies are discharged from hospital.

We are proud to sponsor Australia’s first award to recognise and celebrate the dedication of individual volunteers within the local premature baby community.

Nominations will close on 30 April 2009 and details of the winners will be announced in May.

Nominate TODAY!

L'il Aussie Prems ~ Website Features

L'il Aussie Prems offer many features to families throughout Australia and beyond. We invite you to submit your details and become involved in all areas of our fantastic online support site and help other families who face premature birth.

Birth Announcements

Premmie Birth Stories

Premmie Baby Galleries

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Premmie Baby Forum

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Weekly Live Chats

Latest Competition

Skip Chasey is a fantastic new business which specialises in handcrafted baby and children's clothing, toys and accessories and they have generously donated a fantastic prize for this month’s competition.  Enter now for your chance to win a set of hand crafted items including a burp cloth, bib and nappy clutch.

To enter
On the website there is a hidden image of a baby duck. You need to find this image then using our entry form tell us on what page you found the image. (hint - the image is not hidden on the forum, blogs, or directory).

Competition opens 20th April 2009 and closes on the 30th April 2009.

Good luck & good hunting! 

Premmie Baby of The Month - April

Oscar and his mum Shazz

Where was Oscar born? He was born at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, in Elizabeth, SA

What was his gestation? He was 35wks

And his birth weight? 1385gms or 3pound 1 ounce

What do you remember most about Oscar's time in hospital?

I think it would be every time he did exactly what he wasn't supposed to do. He wasn't supposed to be taken out of the incubator until he reached 1.8kg but he was out just after a week of being in there, only having to be gavaged. (He actually went home at that weight). The night I stayed home to fully breastfeed him in hospital without the calories, he was only going to go home if he had gained (which the nurses told me never happened), and he gained 20g that night. I cried I was so happy. Theres just so many moments I cried for being so scared and then so happy. I'm a bit more tearful now because he spent his first Easter in hospital, so this one will be his first one home.

Does he have any ongoing health issues?

We were very blessed that he doesn't have any organ problems as he was in and out of hospital with broncolitis in the first couple of months and were worried about his lungs, but has been cleared. Other than that he has severe club feet and will be having a second operation in May to help his heels. This will be an ongoing thing but hopefully will start sorting out once he starts running around.

What has been your proudest moment since he came home?

Everything, we were told he would be 5 wks behind in everything and wouldn't be able to do much because of his size. He rolled, he crawls, he stands, he says mum and dad. Nothing could make me prouder then what he has done..especially now because he starting to kiss.

What is your top tip for other mothers of premmie babies?

It is a roller coaster ride. Never be afraid to ask for help and always talk about what you are feeling. They will always be your fighter.

Thank you

L'il Aussie Prems Team

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