Hunter’s Birth Story – Born at 35 Weeks

Well you’d say I had a perfect pregnancy, I fell pregnant straight away, didn’t have much morning sickness (lucky me). Everything else was textbook, all though we were worried about Congenital Heart problems there is a strong Family History.

Everything was going along like clockwork. I was still in the High Risk Group at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Carlton but that was because of my history, etc.

I’d say from about 25 weeks bubs started to slow down in growth but the doctors weren’t too worried as he was healthy and I was too. I had Fortnightly Scan just to make sure everything was going well.

Then at 35 weeks (28/2/06) I woke up and was having pains. I just thought they were Braxton Hicks, so I went shopping with my sister. We where having lunch and I was getting the pain about every 5 minutes and they were lasting about a minute, so we went home and I called the Kilmore Hospital. They said to come in. They put me on the CTG monitor and took my blood pressure and did a urine test. Then they call the RWH and came back to me about 10 minutes later and said the Ambulance is on the way. The RWH even made the Mid-wife from Kilmore Hospital come with me.

premmie baby We arrived at the RWH and they did the usual tests. They gave me something to try and stop the contractions and gave me steroid injections. They told me that Hunter was in breech position and little for his gestation. He had IUGR. They also said that my blood pressure was high and I had Pre-Eclampsia. I had no warning signs at all and my check-up the week before was all normal.

They were able to hold off the labor for 2 days but on the 2/3/06 and 5:45am I got a all mighty kick to the stomach and my Waters broke, so I was rushed up to theatre for an Emergency C-Section.

Hunter Rey was born at 6:35am (no one even made it to the hospital in time). He weighed 1705 grams and had Apgar scores of 8 and 9. He breathed on he’s own straight away and was taken up to the Special Care Nursery.

Hunter was transferred to The Northern Hospital at Epping as it was closer to home, when he was about a week old. He was in an open cot within a couple of days. He was doing really well. He was tube feed for a few weeks with 2-3 suck feeds a day. The only struggle he had was breast feeding. He just couldn’t suck. He was doing really well with bottle feeds so for nine weeks I expressed and gave him the EMB, but in the end I didn’t have enough milk

Hunter came home on the 3/4/06 (after a week of being at home but having to go back to the Hospital to get checked). He weighed 2330gms.

Hunter has done well since then and has had no major problems and has done things relativelpremmie baby y on target and is now a healthy and very active two and a half year old. He is still quite small at only 10.3kgs and his Pediatrician is keeping an eye on him. We also see the Genetics team at the children’s once a year.
We also discovered he had quite bad tongue tie which would explain him being unable to breast feed. He has also had some trouble speaking but he is coming along in leaps and bounds and it is improving every day.



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