Hug-a-bub Sling

Hug-a-bub® knows why babies need to be held and we understand how hard it has become for parents in our culture to meet this need alone. We have designed a baby sling that actually makes it more convenient to wear your baby as you go, then continually stopping what you are doing to push the pram or bounce the bouncer.

hug-a-bub® baby sling is different. It is a wrap-around, soft cotton baby sling, which holds your baby close to your heart. In the hug-a-bub® baby sling, your baby feels hugged even though your hands may be busy doing other things.

Our unique wrap method distributes your baby’s weight inwardly throughout your torso rather than dragging from your shoulder muscles. It also reduces compression of your baby’s spine, a concern which is often associated with many front pouch carriers.

The hug-a-bub® baby carrier offers total head and neck support for newborn, premature or sleeping babies. It offers optimum safety, security and freedom of mobility.

premmie baby sling

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