Frequently Asked Questions

When do nominations open?
Nominations open at 9.00am on Wednesday, 1st July 2015 (AEST).

Where can I get the nomination form?
Nominations can only be submitted online using our nomination form

What is the deadline to send in a nomination?
Nominations close at 11.59pm on Monday, 31st August 2015 (AEST).

Can i nominate someone under the age of 18 years old?
Yes, however if the winner or runner up of the award is under the age of 18 years, the award & prizes will be awarded to the nominated parent or legal guardian of the winner or the runner up (as the case may be).

Can I nominate myself?
Yes, self-nomination will be accepted where the nomination is supported by strong references.

Can I nominate a community group or charity?
No. The awards are only open to individuals.

Can i nominate someone who is a paid staff member (employed) by a charity, community group or is a paid professional that directly supports families who have given birth prematurely?
No. Please contact either your nominee or their organisation directly if unsure before submitting your online nomination. If a person however, voluntarily provides services or volunteers on a personal level outside of their paid employment and is of significant benefit to the community, they may be eligible.

Is my nominee eligible for nomination if they currently ‘volunteer’ for a community group, charity or provide their  professional services voluntarily in Australia?
Yes, however your nomination must be focused on their individual achievements as a volunteer, not the organisation itself. If your nominee chooses to share their story in any media publications on our behalf, the article will be solely focusing on their individual achievements with all links directing back to our website in support of our awards.

Is my nominee eligible for nomination if they do not ‘volunteer’ directly for a community group or charity in Australia but from their own heart?
Yes, absolutely!

Are judging the awards dependent on the amount of nominations received?
No. Your nominee may receive numerous nominations throughout the nomination period however, the judges criteria is based on the voluntary achievements of your nominee, not the amount of nominations received. We encourage you to include as much information as possible regarding your nominee’s achievements when submitting your nomination.

Are judging of the awards open for public voting?

Can i nominate someone who was nominated in previous years but did not win?
Yes. You may also nominate a 1st & 2nd runner up who did not win the “premmie hero volunteer award” title in a previous year.

Do I have to answer all the questions on the nomination form?
No, however all required fields must be completed.

Does my nominee need to be available for media publications if they win an award?
Yes, the main award winners story will be featured in Practical Parenting Magazine and/or other chosen publications as deemed by the L’il Aussie Prems Foundation committee. The main award winner and runners up may be required for other media publications.

We do however require nominees for media stories throughout the nomination process. If you believe that your nominee will be happy to feature in a story for us please let us know through your nomination.

Will my nomination be made public?
You can choose this option to keep your nomination only available for the judges to read when submitting your form. We do encourage you to tick yes so we are able to feature your nominee on the website for the public to read their amazing achievements. Their surname will not be disclosed with their ‘public’ profile/achievements, only their first name will be used.

Can i remain anonymous?
Yes. You can choose this option when using the nomination form.

How will my nominee know that they are nominated?
We will send a letter or email (if provided) to all nominees informing them that they have been nominated. If you chose to remain anonymous your name will not be included in this letter. Your nomination will not proceed to our judging panel until your nominee has accepted or declined their nomination.

Can i nominate a judge?
You cannot nominate a judge in the same year that they are judging the awards. If they are nominated, the nomination is considered ineligible and will not be put forward for judging.

Can i nominate someone on the L’il Aussie Prems committee?
You cannot nominate anyone who holds a current position on our committee. All executive and general members of our committee are ineligible for nomination. If they are nominated, that nomination is considered invalid.

What is the judging process and where does it take place?
Judging of our awards takes place directly on our forum and is only accessible to our committee and the award judges. All accepted nominations are provided, in full, directly to our judges by the committee. Once nominations close, each of the three judges are asked to select their top ‘two’ nominees as finalists. From the judges two choices, a total of six finalist will be chosen. The finalists progress to the final stage of voting where the selection of the winner, 1st and 2nd runner up of the awards are chosen.

Criteria for our judges where a conflict of interest may arise and the process?
Any person appointed the position as a judge of our awards, must disclose to the judging panel and our committee if they have an affiliation whether personal or professional with a nominee. In the instance that those nominee(s) progress as finalists, the judge will be disqualified with their full voting rights revoked during the final selection of choosing our 2014 award winners to ensure that the awards remain true and fair to all finalists.

What happens if this occurs?
We will appoint a replacement judge to join the judging panel in accordance to clause 6.9 of our terms and conditions.

What are the prizes?
You can view the prizes on our prizes page

What if I want to provide more information to support my nomination?
You can forward any further information either via email or post.

Does my nominee need to be living in Australia?
The Award is limited to Australian citizens or permanent residents who have been resident in Australia for at least three (3) years prior to the closing date of the call for nominations and have performed the major contributions whilst living in Australia.


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c/o PO Box 5548
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When will the winners be announced?
The winner and runners up will be announced on the L’il Aussie Prems Foundation website in October 2015.

What are the terms and conditions of entry?
Please view our terms and conditions page