Forum Calendar Submission

Please include your child’s details and submit a recent photo of your child for our 2014 forum calendar. Please submit a separate form for each child you wish to include.

Please visit the online store to pre-order your calendar(s). You must pre-order your calendar and submit your photos by Saturday 30th November 2013 for your child to be included.

Calendars are $25.00 each which includes postage within Australia. Please proceed to our online store if you have not already purchased your calendar after submitting this form.

Please allow 3 -4 weeks after the cut off date being Saturday 30th November 2013 for your calendar to arrive in the mail. We cannot guarantee a delivery date due to the Christmas rush but we will email an update once they have been posted.

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Your child’s name

Your child’s gestation born

Your child’s weight when born

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Please submit 1 recent photo of your child or family

Please upload an image of your child for inclusion in the calendar.

We suggest that you choose a ‘now’ photo of your child.

(Please attach a JPG image. Please ensure that your image quality is suitable for printing

I accept that this image will be published in the L’il Aussie Prems 2014 photo calendar alongside other children and distributed to families directly purchasing the 2014 calendar.
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