Families Celebrating “Green for Prems” Day 2011

 Our “Green for Prems” day was a lot of fun. Everyone was able to join in by wearing something green. We saw photos of grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends & the kids having a great day. People had celebatory cakes, organised a walk which 70 odd people attended, t-shirts being created specifically for the day & a fun video was created by Earlybirds which you can view below.

Below are just a few of the 1000’s of families & children who dressed in green in celebration of the day.

Corinne out at lunch with friends and their prem bubs who met in the NICU to celebrate wear Green for Prems day.


Corinne’s thoughts about the day:

I think this event was a great idea to raise awareness within the community

Mel & baby Zachery proudly wearing green


Mel’s thoughts about the day:

My son, Zachery was born 14weeks early, weighing in at 1005g (2lb 3.5oz) in October, 2010. Zachery has just turned 6 months and is as amazing as ever! We proudly wore green & our bracelet. Whilst Zac’s hand was too small for a band we wore green on the day to show our support to the other premmie families.

BJ & her kids all wearing green. Her last 2 children were premmies


Mel has 6 children. Her 2 premmies were born at 34 weeks and 33weeks
Logan weighed 5lb2 and is now 3.5yrs and weighs 16kg
Declan weighed 5lb2 and is now 17mths and weighs 10kg

Jasmine is wearing a gorgeous t-shirt made by her mum’s good friend Rebecca. Her t-shirt says “I’m a Little Aussie Prem Miracle” with her birthweight, gestation on the back along with a picture of her the night she was born.


Vicky’s thoughts about the day:
I hope “Green for Prems” becomes an annual celebration of all our little miracles and it gets bigger and better every year!!!

Mum Alex with Felix born at 31+2 weeks weighing 1586 grams


Master Jack strutting his “green” stuff.


Ayden loving his green. Born at 35wks weighing 3620 grams




Phoenix happily wearing green. Born at 28+6 weeks weighing 828 grams.

april 2011 004-lap

Nixon created a sign to take to preschool asking people to wear green. Born at 32 weeks.


Ronan born at 27+3 weeks holding his new baby sister.


Earlybirds Team all wearing green to help give people inspiration

Lucinda, NSW
Studying nursing often brings the challenge of revisiting situations I lived through with my three prems. Ironically, on the Green for Prems day a very heated debate started in my tutorial where the topic was “is it ethical to prolong the life of suffering prem babies”. A woman sitting next to me got very upset and explained she had had two prems and was very emotional when it came to this sort of subject. I looked down and saw the green “I love a prem miracle” band I was wearing and slid it over to her with a smile and a wink. I love that we both know exactly what each other have experienced and we are united in our understanding. The green band helped her continue on with her day, and cope with the ignorant comments other students made in the debate.

Jenny, VIC
It was a day that brought so many people together to show their support for such special little people. It also highlighted places to find support for families going through the prem jounery. There are so many families who go through this alone “Green for Prems” showed them they are not alone. It also was a day to reflect on what our prems had gone through and a day to remembered the prems that grew wings. A very special day for very special people.

Rebecca, NSW
I loved that it brought awareness to premature births. I had friends who live all over the world telling me they wore green on the day. It was lovely to celebrate the births of our strong babies and it was a reminder to me to be thankful for what I have.

Sally, WA
The awareness it brought to prematurity and to be able to support such an important cause without doing too much. I absolutely loved all the photos everyone shared of their gorgeous children wearing the bands and in green clothing. It was fantastic. Thanks!

Rebecca, QLD
I liked getting extra bands for family and friends and they wore them with pride for the four premmie babes I have had. I am still wearing mine with pride and love the fact they are bright green and draw attention. I look forward to similar events.

Michelle, VIC
It was such a celebration for my boys Archer ex 25 weeker and Jude ex 30 weeker. A time to reflect how far they have both come. We brought bands for all of our family members and sent them out in the post so they could proudly wear them on Weds the 6th. My husband tells me his band will have to wear off his arm because there is no way he is taking it off. It was an emtional day for me and everytime i watched them play and laugh i would cry such happy tears they are truly my little miracles!!! Thankyou for creating this special day for all of us premmie families. xo

Sophie, QLD
What I liked best about green for prems day was that it brought awareness to people that don’t understand how hard it is to have a prem baby! (I know I didnt before I had my 29 weeker). It also was a day where the families of a prem baby could wear there green bands and feel proud about how strong they were to go through something like that! I really hope they have green for prems day again.

Ruth, WA
What we loved best as a family about Green for Prems day was the joy of sharing info about our premmies! We all wore our bands proudly, which led to many questions about the bands and what they are for. We have been thrilled to tell others about support available such as this one, and to share info about premature babies, including our own beautiful little man (he was a 25 week preemie). That was the biggest gift for us on Green for Prems day, it was wonderful to feel a part of making the knowledge more widespread. Thank you for getting all our bands to us on time!

Our bands are available on the website throughout the year. All sold out bands are now in stock. We now have “Premmie & Proud” bands available for the “older” premmie generations in adult & medium sizes.