Facebook Premmie Support Groups

L’il Aussie Prems Foundation have recently launched two closed Facebook support groups. With millions of parents on the social network, our charity is moving with the times by offering support to parents on multiple platforms as well as on our longstanding community forum.

These two closed Facebook groups are directly associated with our premmie support forum, which has offered a lifeline of support in the premmie community for the past 9 years. Both groups are synced via an RSS feed directly to a secured section on our forum. Information from these groups is only accessible by members who are registered and moderated on our forum, whilst the Facebook groups remain closed and moderated for added security. The RSS sync ensures that our community reaches as many families as possible whilst remaining a safe, secure and a friendly community to all. 

You will need to request to join these groups before you will be granted access. 

Premmie-Dads-Support-Group Premmie-Parents-Group

Our *new* Premmie Dads Support Groups is exclusively just for premmie dads and is moderated by two of our volunteers, Tim and Brendan.

Our committee and volunteers moderate these groups and may also from time to time share any new topics started directly on our forum and post relevant announcements on behalf of our charity to keep parents informed.