Essentials Bag for RMHM Families

Our new Essentials Bag are a wonderful addition to our L’il Hands Accommodation Support Program in partnership with Ronald McDonald House Monash.

Through the program, one of our Essentials Bags are donated to any new family who arrives at Ronald McDonald House Monash (RMHM), with a premature baby receiving care at Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton. When a precious baby is born too soon, parents often find themselves rushing to hospital with little or no time to pack a bag. For the families staying in accommodation at RMHM, they live 100 kilometres or more away from home so our Essentials Bag will take the worry out of those first few days, and help to ensure parents will have essential toiletries after being discharged from hospital and into their new home-away-from-home.

Items included in our Essentials Bag are;

Shampoo (5ml), conditioner (5ml), bath gel (5ml), body lotion (5ml), soap, shower cap, razor with shave cream, 2 x toothbrushes and toothpastes, grooming kit (containing cotton buds, make up pads, sewing kit and emery board), and items kindly donated including; a beautiful premmie garment, hand sanitiser and wipes.


Our bags are more than just a bag as well. They have been designed specifically with the use of cooler bags as they are incredibly useful for parents. Our cooler bags help to keep breast milk cool and safe, wherever parents need to take it. The insulation inside the bag will help to keep expressed breast milk cool for longer, and will be great for parents travelling a distance to and from hospital to visit their baby. The bag will also come in handy for taking packed lunches to hospital should parents stay by their baby’s side in a NICU or SCN all day.

Our charity donates 30 bags per quarter to Ronald McDonald House Monash, with our first donation being made in early September 2015. To date, we have now donated 150 x Essential Bags to the house.

Parent feedback – Rated: 5 (exceptional). “Fabulous starter kit. Love all of it! Very much appreciated”


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