Essential Bag Feedback Form

Providing Essentials Bags for RMHM Families is a new partnership started in September 2015. We would like to ensure our Essentials Bags are making a difference for families, so we welcome your comments. Please fill out this questionnaire and press submit once it has been completed. Thank you.

Please rate the overall quality of the Essentials Bag. (1 rates as disappointing and 5 rates as exceptional).


Please tick which items you have used;

Shampoo (5ml)Conditioner (5ml)Bath Gel (5ml)Body Lotion (5ml)SoapShower CapRazorShave Cream2 x ToothbrushesToothpastesGrooming KitPremmie GarmentHand SanitiserBaby Wet Wipes

Did to mention the bag to family or friends?


What items do you wish we provided more of?

What did you like most about our bags?

Have you used the L’il Appers Program and iPad?


Have you been to our support forum?


Are you aware of our new Dad’s only section on the forum?


Was our forum useful (if ticked yes to the above)?


What items would you suggest need to be added to our bags?

Please share any additional comments or suggestions.

Thank you for your feedback.