Ella’s Birth Story ~ Born at 25 Weeks Gestation

We hadn’t really thought too much about having a baby until we had a miscarriage in 2007. Since seeing that little heat beat we had wanted a baby so bad so it was devastating to lose one. So after my D&C we started trying again and trying and trying only to find out i had polycystic ovaries. All that time we joked about how lucky my partner and i where that i never really got my period and now that lucky was stopping us. So appointments were made and operation booked to make sure there was no scaring from my D&C when in 2009 we found out we were expecting Ella.

So our goal was to get to 12 weeks everything would be fine then less chance of a miscarriage. We did it and everything was perfected we went to our 19 week scan in which we got told that my placenta was low lying no need to worry it will move by 34 weeks otherwise you may need a c section. The next day i started bleeding thinking the worst we rushed to Osborne park hospital. They checked us over and Ella heart was beating strong the bleeding was linked to my placenta being low and i was told to take it easy for a few days then back to work, the next day i was bleeding again. So back to the hospital i went and again Ella was fine and i was told the same thing. This happened on and off for the rest of my pregnancy. I was never told that i need to be on complete bed rest and was always cleared for work within a week.

On Friday i went to the shops for some lunch before heading to work when i felt like i was bleeding so went to the bathroom to find myself bleeding again this time was much heavier. I headed to the car called Osborne park and told them i was coming in and they told me to keep driving to King Edward. I had never been there before and got lost, balling my eye out in a carpark, bleeding and worrying if Ella was ok. My partner was about an hour away so my mum left work and caught a taxi to me and then we went to King Edward. Up to assessment i went and the staff up there where great in straight away and checked out, and then moved to a room to stay till the bleeding stopped.

Well it didn’t take long and it started again that night even heavier i buzzed for the nurse and i was sent to labour ward having mild contractions. Michael came up and we were given steroid and the paediatric doctors came down and warned us of what would happen if Ella were born now, for some reason it never clicked that it would happen and we never really thought about it. Two days later i was back in my room.

Things were good and i was looking like i would be going home on Thursday as the bleeding had almost stopped. On Wednesday night i had a sore back so the nurse on changed my mattress to a softer one and gave me some panadol. In the morning after not much sleep i was in pain still and buzzed for some more panadol when my doctor came she looked at me and sent me to labour ward. I rang Michael and he said he would come up when he finished work. The midwife on wasn’t the nicest she didn’t want to listen to me and said i wasn’t in labour and told me to eat my breakfast and unhooked me so i could so to the toilet. I was interrupted by a doctor wanted to do a ultrasound. He said are you sure you have low lying placenta because Ella’s bottom was lower than my placenta and then did an internal and informed me i was 6cm and would be having my baby. I called Michael but couldn’t finish the call before Ella’s heart rate dropped. The Nurse ripped my clothes off as my room began to fill with people and called Michael and my mum. I was rushed off for a emergency c section under a general. It didn’t take long Michael was called at 9am and Ella was born at 9: 14am. Luckly he made it to the hospital in time to be able to walk with her to SCN3.

When i woke in recovery the staff couldn’t tell me if Ella was alive so they called Michael in. He told me she is alive and a tiny 755grams, 34 cm long with a head circumference of 30 cm she was born at 25+5 weeks. I wasn’t allowed to see her until i could sit up but they sent me up a photo.

We i first saw her i couldn’t stop crying or blaming myself how could i have not known sooner and gotten help to stop her from being born so prematurely and still to this day i seem to blame myself. We went through some ups and downs on our NICU journey ventilated, CPAP, PBF, several blood transfusions, bradys, d stats, thousands of heel pricks, long lines and we even got a staph infection (that was scary ). But we made it after 12 long weeks we took home our little princess Ella Grace Zito at 2.3kg and before her real due date.

Ella spent a total of 84 days in hospital.

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