Delacey’s Birth Story – Born at 26 Weeks & Angel Sister Hope

My son’s story begins after the death of his sister Hope Louise. So to tell his story I have to tell Hopes first.

I fell pregnant with my daughter in the middle of July of 05, 1 short month after we were married and after 1 cycle of clomid tablets. We found out that we were pregnant at 4wk after having a blood test, that my doctor order to see if I was and low and be hold i was, we were so happy that we told everyone that we knew. Everything was going well even the morning sickness wasn’t that bad. At my 12wk scan in Sept everything was going great we saw a nice heart beat etc. By 15wks i was over the morning sickness which i was happy about. We had a scan at 18wks in Nov and we found out that we were having a girl. We were very happy cause we never thought that we would have a girl (as i have 3 elder brother and DH has all brothers too) we told the in-laws and they were so happy that we even started talking about names we had Mackenzie Lee picked out. The morning of my 21wks I woke to a back ach that was low in my back, I just thought that I had slept wrong in bed so I just went about my Thursdays routine of shopping etc, I was having tea at my parent house as we didn’t live far from them and I told mum about my back ach that morning but thought nothing of it. My parents went to visit some relative and I stay at home as I wasn’t feeling too well. Went to the toilet and I had a show of some blood, I thought maybe that I had did too much that day so thought nothing of it until mum and dad got home. Mum said I should go to the hospital just in case as my back ach was getting worse. When I arrived at the hospital I had to wait for the doctor as he was busy, I explained what was happening and he sent me down the maternity ward to get the baby’s heart rate monitored and everything was going great strong heart beat. So the doctor sent me home and said to rest so we dropped mum of at her house and went home. At 1.30pm on the 2nd of December I was laying in bed and started to get strong pains like I needed to wee badly so I went to the toilet but I couldn’t wee so got back into bed, it took about 10mins to get comfortable when I needed to go back to the toilet as the pains we so bad that I thought something was wrong so I woke Scott on the way to the toile and told him what was happening, I went to the bathroom but before I could get to the toilet my waters had broke and I didn’t realise I just thought I had wet myself, so this time I weed and when I wiped I could feel my daughters head, and I freaked out, we rang for an ambulance and they said that it would take some time to get there. I was in the bathroom trying to hold my daughters head up inside of me until the ambos could get their. It didn’t work and she was born on a towel on the bathroom floor. We hear her cry and thought maybe we could do something, the ambos arrive a couple of minutes later. They cut the cord as she was still alive, we were rushed to the hospital, they bagging my daughter all the way to the hospital and took her straight in and they worked on Hope for 1hr before they even came and seen to me, but she was born so early they could do nothing for her. Once she passed away they came and told me that she was gone and all I could think was what would have happened if the doctor that seen me had done something else to help. We found out that she weighed in at 400gms and about 8inc long. After all the crying, sobbing and more crying we decided to call her Hope Louise as what we were going to call her was too big for her. I will always remember Hopes birth and death as she was born on my brothers birthday. Hope’s funeral was 5 days later and all I could do for days was cry. They found out that the cause of Hopes early birth was due to chorioamnionitis, which I had never even heard of before.

What made it even harder was that my niece was born on the 10th of December. We had Christmas with them but I handle it very well as I was on anti-depressants.

By the middle of march everything was going well I was over the crying everyday and was into just remembering what had happened, when I told mum that I hadn’t got my period as of yet after the birth of Hope, that’s when my mum said to me “Kristy I think you are pregnant,.” Being me I said there is no way I could be as it took me over 2yrs to fall with Hope, so to stop mum believing that I was pregnant I went and got a couple of pregnancy test and went home to do the test. We I was pregnant and I didn’t know what to do, I just sat and cried my heart out what was I going to do I didn’t want to be pregnant again to have something happen like last time happen. Well I went to the doctors and found out I was about 6-8wks pregnant. I was referred to a High Risk Doctor at Maitland Hospital about 1hr 20mins for me.

I started to have morning sickness from the time I found out I was pregnant and it was bad morning sickness some days I couldn’t keep anything down. When I went to the doctors we work on a plain of action so that I wouldn’t have to go through what I went through before. Dr Woods said I would have to be on antibiotic for 1 wks every month and that I would need to have a scan every 3-4 wks plus see him every 3-4wks. So I was always on the go. I was so happy when I got passed 12wk, we had our first scan and we saw the heart beat and limbs but I couldn’t get too attached as I thought that something would happened again. At 16wks I had a normal morning until 10.30 when I started to had cramping and all I could do was cry, I was luck as I had my niece living with me at the time and she called the ambulance and I was taken to the hospital and was told that I might be having labour pains. The pains stoped after 2hrs and they were like 5mins apart. I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days just to be monitored. It was determined that it was threatened premature labour but thankfully everything stoped. After 3 days I was sent home. Everything was going great but I had to have rest so I was on the lounge from that day on. At 18wks I had morning sickness that bed that I couldn’t keep anything down even water was not staying down. So I went to the doctors and I was admitted to hospital on a drip for 3 days as I was dehydrated, after 3 days I was sent home, yeh with no more sickness. A couple of days later we had a scan and we found out that we were having a BOY and we were so happy that we decided to name him there and then and so Delacey was his name. At 21wks I was taken back to the hospital by my hubby as I couldn’t walk, it was determined that the ligaments in my hip were stretching so that’s what was happening. So back home still on the lounge. When I passed the 21wks I thought that I might be able to go all the way with this baby but little did I know. At 24wks we went for another scan but I told hubby that I was ok and took mum. Well little did I know was that after the scan I was told I had to see a doctor and to wait, we waited and waited and finally the doctor came. It was determined that the bottom of my cervix was opening and that I was to go straight to see Dr Woods. Of we go and see him on the Friday, and all he could say was “See what happens when I go on holidays” he had just got back. That was when he informed me that I was either going to have my baby early or my baby could hold of till term, little did we know. We are sent home to strict bed rest (lounge as I was living back with my parents – long story)

At 26wks (it was a Friday) I woke to a normal morning and everything was going great until I went to the toilet and I notice that I had some blood, so I panicked , another trip to the hospital and I was admitted. I was monitored very well as they knew what I had been through before. I was to have a monitor on me 4 times a day and was given some steroids. Every time I was monitored I would tell them that the baby wasn’t moving and they would say that’s because I was being monitored. By Sunday I was ready to come home as the bleeding had stopped about 4hrs after going to the hospital on Friday, I asked the doctor about going home and he said yes on one condition that I be a couch potato and only leave the lounge to use the bathroom and shower and I said yes. So home I go. Thank god.

premmie baby

Everything was going great until 12.30pm that night, I started to cramp, but they weren’t bad so I thought they would go away, so I just layer in bed and hoped that they would go, around 1.30pm the pains were getting worse, so I woke hubby and mum saying that I need to go to the hospital as the pains were 5mins apart. So we go to the hospital and the doctor arrive and gives me an internal to see if I was dilated but I wasn’t. So another shot of steroids, and they gave me tablets to stop the contractions. I was told I would be going to Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital. Instead of the trip taking 2hrs 20mins the trip took 1hr. All the way I was given the tablet every 30mins, as the contraction were still 5mins apart. When I got to JHH I was taken straight to Labour and Delivery. I was given another internal and was still not dilated and the contraction had finally stopped. I was informed that I would be staying at the hospital until I had the baby, I was taken to the ward. That was early Monday morning. I was not given any more tablets to stop the contractions as they had stop but I went for a walk with my hubby and I started to get pains again my hubby told them that I was having pains but they didn’t believe him.

I was in a deep sleep Tuesday morning when I was woken with a slight pain in my back so I thought that I needed to go to the toilet, so I went when I go back I was bent over in pain so the lady next to me got on her button and keep pushing until someone came. I was rushed to the labour ward as the nurse said the contraction were to close to leave me in the room. I was examined by one of the doctors and found to be 4cm dilated, I was put on a monitor and told not to move. They rang my hubby and said that I was in labour but it could take hours not to rush. I was given morphine because of the back pain I was having as I was having my contractions in my back. I had 4 nurse, 2 doctors plus the 2 NICU doctors for baby. All I wanted to do was go to the bathroom as I needed to wee and I was told not to go as I could have him on the toilet. I said to the doctors and nurses that I had a lot of pressure and needed to push, they doctors had just got there gloves on when I pushed and the water broke and out came the baby, it was so fast that they weren’t even ready for him. They cut the cord and took him to the open bed, I couldn’t see probably but I could see them with a mask on him face helping him to breath a little. I was shown the top of his head on the way out the door. That’s when hubby arrived 5mins too late. He went with him to the NICU to see if he was ok. I had a shower and was told I could go and see him,

We were asked his name so we named him DELACEY JAMES. He weighed 974gms,(2lb 1oz) with a h.c of 24cm. He was on CPAP and didn’t need really much help. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing he was so small. I didn’t even want to touch him, as I thought I would hurt him, I started to express milk that day.

premmie baby

Delacey was in a humidicrib from the day he was born. His weight dropped down to 873gms. He had jaundice at 2 days old, we were informed that’s why he was under the blue light. Delacey was on and of CPAP for awhile. It was determined that he has stage II IVH and was having antibiotics because he was losing too much blood and they didn’t know where it was going. He had two blood transfusions. He was given medication to close his PDA and it worked, it was determined that he has stage 1 and 2 ROP. He was breathing on his own by the age of 5wks old and in an cot at the age of 6wks old, he had his first bath at 6wks old and was transferred to Maitland at the age of 7wks old. He stayed in Maitland Hospital Special Care Nursery for 4wks were he, he having 3 bottles to 1 tube when he was transferred to Muswellbrook hospital where I stayed in with him and he was taken of the tube feed straight away. We stayed 1 wks in Muswellbrook hospital when we were allowed to go home, he was 5lbs 6oz when he came home 2wks before his due date, which was the 27th of October.

He has been back in hospital due to having broncholitis just before Christmas of 06 he spent 4 days in hospital. The only other time is to get his hernia repaired with was only day stay.

Delacey is currently 2yrs 3mth old and he is 10.2kg, 84cm tall. He will be 2 yrs corrected on the 27th of October. He get tonsillitis about once a month but we are handling that. He has all his teeth and is getting his 2yr old molars. He don’t talk very well at the moment says about 40 words. He is to get his hearing checked again to make sure that is ok. He gets his eye checked every 9mths as he was long sighted in the left eye but that has corrected itself.

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