Danielle & Michael ~ Premmie Parents of the Moment

Parents Names: Danielle and Michael

How many premmie babies do you have: One

Gestation born: 26 weeks gestation

How long was Lincoln hospitalised for: Lincoln spent 110 days in the NICU at Nepean Hospital, he was home not even one week before being re-admitted to the children’s ward for three days before having an emergency transfer to Sydney children’s ICU in Randwick with a collapsed lung, he was at Randwick for 1 week before heading back to Nepean Children’s ward for a further two weeks.


Is there any prematurity in your families history: No

How did you both cope with the world of prematurity when Lincoln was born: The Nicu is like a whole new life, a whole new experience we didn’t even know existed! We felt lost, didn’t know what to expect living each and every day as if it was the last. Nothing was certain. With every step forward there was three steps backwards. Having great support from outside the Nicu as well as inside the Nicu really got us through. You meet some incredible people in the Nicu going through the exact same thing as you and it definitely made us not feel alone.

Danielle, how did you feel when you first saw Lincoln after he was born: I had an emergency c-section so I wasn’t able to go down to the Nicu for almost a whole day but my husband followed our baby from the second he was taken away. When he showed me the pictures there was so many emotions, we just thought how can a baby that tiny survive? He had tubes and wires all over him, he wasn’t breathing on his own, it was just plain scary! But when mum laid my eyes on him for myself for the first time, she just couldn’t help but think he was purely amazing! She was (and still am) so in love!

image1Did you find it hard deciding to have another baby or have you decided no more: Lincoln is our third son, we have two older boys that were both term babies with no complications, I think we’ll call it quits from now on! 🙂

Have there been any lasting complications due to Lincoln’ early arrival? If so, how have you dealt with it: There was a suspected blood disorder, but all results have come back clear. If we were to have another I would beer to be a blood thinners and have regular check ups just as a precaution.

Danielle, how do you feel now about prematurity and how do you help others be aware of how serious it is for babies: We feel like prematurity is very common and also very unexpected. It’s not something you can plan for or even understand until you go threw it yourself! Having been threw alot more than a regular mum, I feel I could help with supporting any one going threw this. I’ve been able to talk with and support other mums that were in the Nicu you after me or with me and we still to this day talk and discuss where our babies are up too, life prematurity doesn’t stop when you leave the Nicu, it’s just a whole new ball game.

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