Brainstorming supports our little treasures

Nominee Profile

Karin has been nominated for our 2013 Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards.

Over the past 5 years, Karin has been brainstorming ways to support families in the premmie community after experiencing the early arrival of her son, Robbie.

Premmie Hero Volunteer Award Nominee

Premmie Hero Volunteer Award Nominee

Karin nearly lost her life giving birth at 32 weeks as she had both pre-eclampsia and HELLP, the combination of both making her a very ill lady. She spent time in ICU after Robbie’s birth, for a short while things didn’t look great but as a result of her very real experience, Karin wanted to give something back and make a difference. In 2007, Karin joined the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation (LLTF) committee as Treasurer and in 2010, joined the Board of Directors continuing to support the charity in a voluntary capacity. Karin runs her own business and works part time whilst dedicating her personal time and very late nights to the charity.

Karin is very passionate about the cause and is committed to ensuring that the charity survives and continues to provide its much needed services in the community. Karin has been a key contributor to the extensive growth enabling the charity to reach families far and wide. She has been known to stay up through the night on the phone comforting a mum who is in hospital with a sick baby and also assist families through the transition from hospital to home and beyond. She has helped turn what was a daunting, frightening time and experience for many into a special time to remember.

Karin has helped expand the charities support through many aspects. These include:- starting and running, for a number of years, a support group for families in the Marooondah area, developing two of the world’s first iApps for families of premature and sick babies to organising and managing one of biggest days for prem families in Australia through the charities “Walk for Prems” annual event. This is a day where families come together from all over Australia to celebrate their little ones and reflect on the journey they have endured. The annual event to date has raised over $350,000, assisting the Foundation to continue its important work within the premmie community.

Karin is admired for her dedication, hard work and compassion within the community and her brainstorming has helped the charity leap in bounds never imagined, until now.

Nominations have now closed for our Premmie Hero Volunteer Awards. Winners will be announced in early October 2013.

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