Premature Babies

Living With A Premature Baby

October 15, 2007 No Comments »

Each parent will have their own unique experience of living with a premature baby. Some babies will go home on oxygen, need continuous special care and some will be re-admitted to hospital quite a few times in the first year ... Read More »

When a mother’s milk is not enough

October 14, 2007 1 Comment »

I never realised just how emotional I was going to get about breast milk.  I remember the obstetrician asking me if I planned to breastfeed, minutes after he had told me I might be having a baby at 26 weeks.  ... Read More »

The Joy of Ex (pressing)

October 12, 2007 3 Comments »

The other day I discovered the wonderfully cheeky League of Maternal Justice, committed “to expose the injustices perpetrated against mothers everywhere and to exact vengeance through aggressive finger-wagging and online shaming”. Superhero Lactavista single handedly defends breast feeders with her ... Read More »

Coping post NICU

October 9, 2007 2 Comments »

I rode the lift to the fifth floor just as I had every day for the first 148 days of my child’s life. This time however, was different. We were going back. Only for a follow up appointment but the ... Read More »

Could somebody please stop the roller coaster, I’d like to get off now

October 8, 2007 3 Comments »

Three months after we left the Special Care Nursery, last week I finally ran into a brick wall, emotionally. Perversely, I think it is because the weather improved. All winter I complained about being stuck indoors due to the rain, ... Read More »

A rant from a Premmie Mum (we can all relate)

October 7, 2007 No Comments »

I think this is something we can all relate to What is it about premmie babies and advice. As soon as family / friends / crazy lady at Coles find out Malachy is a prem, the advice spews quicker than ... Read More »