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In 2008 Our Premmie Baby Forum…

January 4, 2009 No Comments »

Exploded! The forum saw over 400 members join in 2008 alone and on New Years eve we reached over 100,000 posts. It is truly an amazing effort on our members behalves and they have really turned the forum into a ... Read More »

Premature Baby Born at 22 weeks in 1909

August 1, 2008 1 Comment »

Margaret Murphy began life about 18 weeks early weighing around 390 grams at St Margaret’s Hospital in Sydney. These days it’s still special, but not so unusual, for a prem baby to ‘make it’, but for Margaret, born September 19, ... Read More »

National Premmie Day

July 22, 2008 No Comments »

This Friday is National Premmie Day! Being apart of the premmie foundations committee we have been working on this day since last year and time certainly does fly! We have received A LOT of support from businesse, other parenting websites, ... Read More »

Australia’s smallest baby is a living miracle

June 22, 2008 1 Comment »

IF all had gone to plan, Elora De Bondi would have celebrated her first birthday days ago. Instead, the gutsy Melbourne toddler – born almost four months premature and weighing only 319g – reached that milestone in January. Ever since ... Read More »

Luke Shah’s a hero as scientists understand the premature brain

June 22, 2008 1 Comment »

LUKE Shah is only five, but he’s set to help thousands of premature babies. Born almost three months early, Luke is one of 138 Victorian children whose brains were scanned as newborns as part of a world-first study. Six years ... Read More »

Outcry over intensive care shortage for babies

June 22, 2008 1 Comment »

THE state’s most fragile newborns are being sent interstate because Victoria’s neonatal intensive care units are stretched to breaking point. Over the past week, Victoria’s 72 neonatal intensive care cots have been full, forcing dangerously premature babies or mothers with ... Read More »