Premmie RSV Stories

March 30, 2008 No Comments »

The National Premmie Foundation is holding National Premmie Day on Friday 25th July 2008. The theme will be an awareness week of RSV. The Foundation wants to put together a number of stories about prems, the risks of RSV and ... Read More »

Sound Monitors Protect Premature Babies

March 29, 2008 No Comments »

NDIANAPOLIS — Warning lights hover over the snoozing patients in Riley Hospital for Children’s neonatal intensive care unit, ready to flash whenever sound levels creep beyond normal conversation. As decibels rise, the colors on the new monitoring system change from ... Read More »

Young Shaeley Moody brings dream to life for Tracy, 40

January 8, 2008 2 Comments »

SHAELEY Moody is worth every second of her proud mum’s agonising wait. After 18 years of trying to have a baby, encompassing four failed pregnancies and a horrific car accident, Tracy Moody, 40, still can’t believe it when she looks ... Read More »

Premature Baby Dolls

January 1, 2008 No Comments »

Weebundles Hand Made Preemie Dolls I have been speaking with the lady who makes the premature baby (preemie dolls) and what a lovely yet busy lady she is. Her preemie dolls are highly sought after not only in the USA ... Read More »

Premature baby Madeleine comes home for Christmas

December 26, 2007 3 Comments »

THE Royal Children’s Hospital has given Stephanie and Michael Funke the best possible Christmas present. Five-month-old Madeleine has made it out of hospital for the first time in her short life to spend Christmas with her family in Minyip. Born ... Read More »

Bonding with my (micro) premmie Part 1

November 7, 2007 No Comments »

On my first day of full time, solo parenting I managed to clip the tip off of Miss E’s big toe while trying to trim her toenails—I’ve not touched baby nail clippers since that day. I think that was one ... Read More »