Premmie Baby Development

Ronan And Walking

November 17, 2007 3 Comments »

Well Ronan still isn’t walking. He is now 20 months old (17 months corrected)! We have been attending physio since he was 6 months old and it has been so helpful with reaching his milestones. His fine motor skills are ... Read More »

Premature Baby & Sleeping Habits

November 16, 2007 No Comments »

Babies who are born early usually need extra time to catch up to their full-term peers when it comes to developmental milestones, and sleep is no exception. Why premature babies take longer to sleep through the night? Premature babies can ... Read More »

Dealing with four month milestone delays

November 8, 2007 4 Comments »

Our daughter Talia recently had her first developmental review, at four months corrected. Prior to meeting the paediatrician, we completed a questionnaire asking where she was in terms of gross and fine motor control, social/communication, problem solving skills and so ... Read More »

Milestone Delay

September 3, 2007 No Comments »

Ronan was born 3 months early and he has had quite a few setbacks with his gross motor skills. We have been going to physio for about a year now and it has been an amazing help for him. He ... Read More »

Brain challenge for premature babies

July 1, 2007 No Comments »

Babies born very prematurely have markedly less developed brains than those born at full term, a two-year Victorian study has revealed. The study, which examined magnetic resonance images of premature babies’ brains and compared them with those of full-term infants, ... Read More »


January 7, 2007 No Comments »

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