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Happy Australia Day To All Premature Babies

January 26, 2008 No Comments »

Happy Australia Day to all the premature babies around Australia. We hope that you and your families all celebrate the day with pride and thankfulness that your premature babies have been born safe into this great country and receiving the ... Read More »

Bonnie Babes ~ Pride Of The Nation

January 25, 2008 No Comments »

Well Ronan and i were photographed yesterday for an article that is coming out most likely next week in the local paper on behalf of Bonnie Babes and their “Pride of the Nation” project. The photographer was here for about ... Read More »

Parenting A Premmie ~ New Idea!

January 25, 2008 No Comments »

L’il Aussie Prems is featured in this weeks New Idea! We are all very excited and welcome all the new members that have joined in the past week on the forum. We hope that our premature baby community can bring ... Read More »

Miracle twins prepare for school

January 23, 2008 No Comments »

WHEN miracle twins Jaiden and Hannah Rhodes start school in a couple of weeks, it will be a day to cherish. Mum Junelle’s wedding ring hung like a bracelet around their wrists when they came into the world almost six ... Read More »

January 8, 2008 1 Comment »

Premature Birth Video This was a video that i was forwarded by a friend today. I think it is beautiful and it’s great how it shows not only pictures but some understanding about premature birth, premature babies and parents journeys ... Read More »