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Two Years Ago Our Journey Began… *Finished*

February 24, 2009 No Comments »

23rd Feb 2007 I spent most of the day out of the room, due to the newborn and all the family visiting them. It’s coming up to DP’s 21st Birthday, and I had gained permission from my Ob team to ... Read More »

Two Years Ago… Our Journey Began

February 12, 2009 No Comments »

I started writing this yesterday and will continue to add to it over the next 2 weeks. I was meant to write this last night, but I actually forgot which isn’t such a bad thing… Anyway Two years ago on ... Read More »

Toddler Bed

February 8, 2009 No Comments »

Since Friday the 16Th of Jan, Brendan has been sleeping in a toddler bed. My expectations were that we’d have to keep putting him back in it, that he’d cry and whinge and basically not go to sleep. BUT… I ... Read More »

Brendan’s Weigh-In

January 21, 2009 No Comments »

Length is just above (the dot is right on the top of the line) the 25th percentile!! which is up from just below the 25th percentile. Adjusted age he is just above the 50th percentile line Read More »

The Joys of Having a Comfort Blankie

January 21, 2009 No Comments »

This morning while Brendan was watching tv I took the opportunity to grab his comfort blankie of the floor in the kitchen and threw it in the bathroom, to be washed after the load thats in now. It smells, it ... Read More »