Wear Green for Premmies 2017

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The annual ‘Wear Green for Premmies’ day, is hosted by the L’il Aussie Prems Foundation and they will be celebrating their seventh year raising awareness of premature birth in the community, on Wednesday, 5th April 2017.

In Australia, over 25,000 babies are born prematurely each year. A premature baby is defined as a child born before 37 weeks gestation. The ‘Wear Green for Premmies’ campaign is a day where thousands of people wear green to show their support. The day aims to raise awareness of premature birth whilst highlighting the hardships that families can face after an early arrival. Over the past six years the event has seen thousands of families joining in the celebration by holding individual fundraising events and posting photos on the charity’s Facebook page showing a sea of green. Participants of the day include hospitals, businesses, families, friends, and supporters.

L’il Aussie Prems Foundation’s President, Ms Shannon Zimmerle said, “This event is crucial to L’il Aussie Prems Foundation to raise funds for the charity and to create awareness of premature birth within Australia.

“The support we have received from past celebrations over the past six years has been sincerely touching. Most Australians know of someone who has been affected by premature birth and recognise the struggles these families face for many months or even years afterwards. The Wear Green for Premmies day is the Foundation’s opportunity to promote awareness, educate and offer support to these families.” she said.

The event continues to make an impact by enabling the charity to donate much-needed equipment to Two Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and Two Special Care Nurseries (SCN) each year. Up to $25,000 has been donated towards the purchase of much-needed equipment since 2011 from part of the funds raised each year. The four hospitals chosen by public voting in 2017 are; the Royal Children’s Hospital, Wodonga Hospital and Latrobe Regional Hospital in Victoria and the Townsville Hospital in Queensland.

Last year also saw the charity launch their inaugural #Foot4Prems campaign, which encouraged participants to take a photo of themselves holding a photo from their time in NICU or SCN. The #Foot4Prems campaign gained worldwide media attention and saw hundreds of participants from all ages, joining the campaign. The campaign will launch once again in March 2017 in the lead up to their main awareness event on the 5th April.

Participants do not have to attend a physical event but are encouraged to fundraise and donate, join the charity’s Facebook page to share their story, wear green on the day, and purchase merchandise from their online store. The money raised will enable the charity to continue their important work, to expand on their family-focused programs and to donate vital equipment to the chosen hospitals.


For photo opportunities with families in your state or for further information about the event:

Shannon Zimmerle (President) shannon@lilaussieprems.com.au

Sophie Allan (Marketing Manager) media@lilaussieprems.com.au

1300 887 875 I www.lilaussieprems.org.au

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