Put A Foot Forward For Prems

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Take a photo of your prem holding an image from their time in hospital.

Share your image on social media and let your family and friends know why you will be wearing green for premmies on the 13th April 2016.


We’d love to see angel parents involved by taking a photo of themselves with either a photo of their precious angel or a memento that they hold close to their heart.

Join the Wear Green For Premmies event page and our charity’s Facebook page for updates.

Where you can connect with us

i p t F

Please consider making a donation to support our charity. 

Use hashtags #lilaussieprems #green4prems #foot4prems




“On Wednesday the 13th of April we will be wearing green to raise awareness for premature babies! We didn’t even think of premature birth when we were expecting Ruby and definitely did not know about micro prems. She has defied all odds and beaten her 5% survival rate. We are hoping that by wearing green we can bring awareness to all our family & friends and hopefully they will be able to share their support and help us wear such a awesome colour!”

Together, we can make a difference for Australia’s smallest battlers.


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