Premature Baby Quotes & Versus

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Below is a list of beautiful messages that we have compiled together for families of premature babies. Each message has been written direct in support of our Foundation throughout 2012, 2013 and 2014. Each message has been shared on our Facebook page and have been very well received by families who have given birth prematurely.

We invite you to share each one with your family and friends but we ask that the author is noted at the end. If you have a quote of your own, please let us know as we would love to add it to our page. We will ensure that your name is listed as the author.

I may be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and my wrist tiny enough to fit in your wedding band but in your loving arms, my heart is immeasurable.

Julia Toivonen

Be strong, be patient and don’t give up on tomorrow.
Touch your miracle, kiss your miracle and open your heart to new miracles every day.

Julia Toivonen

The strength and persistence of a premature baby fighting for life is unwavering, as is your love for them. Hope for a miracle, believe in miracles and hold onto your miracle tightly.

Julia Toivonen

The parents of a premature baby know most of the back streets to hospital, the best parking spots to grab and instantly recognise their tiny newborns cry amongst the noises of the NICU.

Julia Toivonen

If you have never experienced a rollercoaster ride, speak to the parents of a prematurely born or sick newborn baby.

Julia Toivonen

A premature baby is strong, tough, resilient, courageous, a fighter and a miracle all rolled into one. My family have been touched by one of these precious miracles.

Julia Toivonen

Give thanks for each breath, give thanks for each touch. Give an EXTRA big thanks to the medical staff each time you hug your prematurely born child.

Julia Toivonen

The birth of a premature baby should always be celebrated and the parents congratulated.  They are parents to a precious newborn like every other family.

Julia Toivonen

A premmie parent can sometimes wait hours, days or weeks until they hold their baby for the first time. That first hold is overwhelming regardless of time.

Julia Toivonen

There is a community that i never knew existed until i gave birth prematurely. It’s filled with love, hope, loss, support and inspiration. It’s called the ‘Premmie Community’.

Julia Toivonen

A premature baby may look tiny and fragile to touch but never underestimate the courage, strength and determination of a baby born too soon.

Julia Toivonen

Never underestimate the power of touch.
A premature baby thrives with the comfort of knowing that their parents are close by their side.

Julia Toivonen

Premmie Parents

Sometimes the highlight of a premmie parents day,
could be as simple as changing a nappy.

Julia Toivonen

Small prints

All footprints start small, some smaller than others,
The footprint of a premature baby starts smaller than most.
Have patience, watch them grow, because in years to come they will leave a footprint as large as most.

Julia Toivonen

Once tiny, once fragile, tears of uncertainty at first.
Months passed, milestones surpassed with many miracles and memories along the way.
The door to home is closer each day and tears of joy will soon overwhelm our thoughts.
Our hearts prepare to say goodbye to the miracle hands that saved the life of our prematurely born child.

Julia Toivonen


Photo Supplied By: Lisa Nicole Imagery

The JOURNEY of a premature baby is often ONE step forward and TWO steps back….
Watch them breathe, watch them sleep and nourish them with LIQUID GOLD.
When strong enough, they will take three LEAPS forward and NEVER look back….

Julia Toivonen


Photo Supplied By: Lisa Nicole Imagery

All footprints start small, some are born as small as a wedding ring.
From the precious beginnings of that first breath of life, a premature baby will open your heart to miracles of life…..
Trust in their determination and in time, their footprint may be larger than yours…..

Julia Toivonen


Babies born prematurely FIGHT to survive……
They are determined, strong, courageous, inspirational and a MIRACLE all rolled into one….

Julia Toivonen


Photo Supplied By: Lisa Nicole Imagery

I will fight for you on the days you are too tired…..
Take comfort in knowing i will always…….

Julia Toivonen


Precious baby

The chance to bathe your little one whilst in NICU or SCN,
helps parents feel involved in the smallest of ways.

Julia Toivonen


Witness the determination of a premature baby

The NICU rollercoaster is a step process,
many forward and backwards moments.
Witnessing the determination of a premature baby,
fight for life with each breath that they take,
is life changing for their parents and those around them.

Julia Toivonen


Moment in time

If holding your babies hand is all you can do at this moment in time,
know that your voice will soothe them,
and your love will guide them,
so be patient with your little one.
Trust in their determination and in time, they will be close by,
resting on your chest and remembering the rhythm of your heart.

Julia Toivonen



A baby born too soon………
might feel weightless in your hands.
Add their strength, courage, love and determination,
and you will need all your strength to hold onto them……

Julia Toivonen


Photo Supplied By: Kathryn Teale

Born too soon

We patiently wait whilst counting the days,
Each day is different, a rollercoaster ride.
My premmie is growing on the outside,
It wasn’t meant to happen for us this way.

The warm air flowing inside the isolette,
We constantly hear beeps from the machines in our bay.
Helping with ‘cares’, the weighing days,
And bathing our baby is a highlight to us.
Smelling the hand sanitiser wherever we go,
Hours of expressing to produce ‘liquid gold’.
Watching the doctor’s doing their morning ’rounds’,
Have all became so familiar and routine to our day.

Each journey is different, each journey is unique,
We are just one of many with a baby in NICU.
We have to be patient and be strong for our baby,
For our family are on this journey, united together.

NEVER stop believing in the miracle power of touch…..

Julia Toivonen


Photo Supplied By: Little Tales Photography

I never knew a person could be so small.

Touching the hand of my newborn baby,
I never knew a person could be so small.
So fragile, so vulnerable, so amazingly precious,
Lying in a makeshift cocoon for one.

Our baby was born early, we are in shock,
The best chance of survival is with medical support.
This miracle baby has entered our lives,
We monitor their growth morning and night.

The journey ahead with strengthen our love,
Our baby needs us to hold onto hope.
As i continue to touch my tiny babies hand,
I will forever be by their side.

Julia Toivonen


Star Light, Star Bright

Star light, star bright
A premature baby is born tonight.
A precious gift, who fights for life,
With every ounce of their might.
Tonight we wish upon a star,
That our baby stays safe forever in our arms.

Julia Toivonen


A Premmie Baby Merry Christmas

Sitting beside our baby in the NICU/SCN,
We monitor oxygen levels on the display.
Christmas feels like a lifetime away,
But we know tomorrow is the day.
This is our babies 1st Christmas with us,
We will be hospital bound with our Christmas lunch.
The hospital staff have made a fuss,
The decorated wards and tree are a delight.
We are not alone on this Christmas day,
As we are celebrating Christmas with our tiny born child.

Julia Toivonen

Photo Supplied By: Little Tales Photography

Kangaroo Care

When your baby spends time in a NICU/SCN, Kangaroo care for the parents of a premmie or sick baby gives this unimaginable acknowledgement in their hearts that the child is theirs.

We can wait hours, days or months before we are able to hold our babies but to feel that tiny heart beating on your chest, gives you an inner calmness that you will never forget.

Julia Toivonen

Leaving the hospital without my premature baby

My tiny baby was born three months early today,
Throwing our hearts into total disarray.
Lying in the incubator needing a rest,
With breathing tubes and cords wrapped around his tiny nest.

As i express milk droplets from my breasts,
I reflect on the chaos of today’s events.
Back in the ward with babies crying,
I too am crying wishing my baby was beside me.

The day has come to go home and leave my baby,
It is a heartbreaking moment for our family.
What will happen tomorrow, nobody knows,
But he is in caring hands and we will see him tomorrow.

Julia Toivonen

No matter the gestation…

No matter the gestation a premature baby is born,
The journey no matter how long or short,
Will never change the very personal and heartbreaking journey,
Of watching your child fight for their life.
Each families journey in the NICU or SCN,
Will always be personal and unique to them.

Julia Toivonen

A premature baby fights on….

A baby is born with the need to be loved,
A premmie or sick newborn are born with the need to fight on,
An angel is born and leaves a footprint upon many hearts.

No matter how small,
No matter how big,
No matter the birth,
No matter the place,

Each baby needs the very same thing,
Love, warmth, comfort and a warm embrace.

Julia Toivonen

The premmie baby community…..

The NICU/SCN journey throws many families into a community you may NEVER knew existed.

It is a community full of love, support, empathy, understanding, heartbreak, sadness, eye opening moments, tears, laughter and celebration.

One thing you quickly realise though, is that it is a unique community in itself. One where strangers unite together, offer a lifeline and become some of your closest friends.

Julia Toivonen

Premature birth defines your family….

No matter the gestation a baby is born,
A baby seeks comfort and needs to be kept warm.
A baby born early or who struggles to take their first breaths,
Needs comfort from a NICU or SCN bed.

With each beep of the machine you watch with intent,
And wonder how they will look in the years ahead.
As you watch other babies getting closer to home,
You await for your baby to reach that next milestone.

It’s been days, months or even years since your babies birth,
And whilst the memories have faded, your heart never forgets.
Embrace the journey that defined you and your family,
For your own experience will have changed your perspective of life forever.

Julia Toivonen


A Premature Baby Is……..


Photo Supplied By: Little Tales Photography

Thank you and we hope you like them.

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